My Plan X,Y,Z to Find Employment

Usually people letter their plans with the first few letters of the alphabet such as A, B,C. The reasons I call this Plan X, Y, Z is because these are last resorts after trying Plan A-W. These plans include more realistic (and not ridiculously crazy ideas) such as these presented below. However make no mistake, it may come to this.

Plan X Volunteer for deployment. If I volunteer for deployment I am taking a preemptive approach to something that is inevitable in this day and age: I will be deployed at least once during my National Guard enlistement period of six years. A volunteer deployment will place me on active duty and I will automatically get 5 points veteran preference. If I get a purple heart or service connected disability I will get ten points (not that I want that ten point). This guarantees me a federal job upon my return. (suggested by myself based on my time as a federal employee and knowledge of the veterans preference)

Plan Y Active Duty as Enlisted Man: Try to get out of officer contract. If the higher-ups refuse then go to officer candidate school and intentionally flunk out. Then I will automatically be put into enlisted ranks. As for the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) preferably Special Forces (Green Berets) because I speak two dialects of Chinese since birth and it would be very easy to reteach me to read, write and speak Cantonese and Mandarin.

When they allow age waivers then apply to become a commissioned officer while on active duty. If they do not allow waivers (which is likely given the current state of military downsizing) then just leave the service. By then I will automatically become a five-point veteran because I would have deployed at least once (suggested by a senior drill sergeant and NCO)

Plan Z Go to the French Foreign Legion. I will be gainfully employed for five years in the biggest hell holes on the face of the planet. If I can successfully complete a five year enlistment (which the person believes I can) I will be granted French citizenship and a new identity (suggested by a naval officer recruiter O-3).


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