An Open Letter to Barack Obama

For three years I have been trying to get in to the military. In August of 2011 there may be a general officer board. It will be the first and only one of the fiscal year. At this board I will be 31 years of age, two years above the limit for officers and four years for aviation candidates.What is my contingency plan if I should not get in? I told some of my readers I will write a letter to the commander in chief. Some say that I am delusional if I think I will be given special consideration. (those who know me know that I have done crazier things)
Dear President Obama:
I am sure you get hundreds of letters each day written from citizens who are either not satisfied with the way our country is going, supportive ones from those who think you’re doing a great job or ones asking for a special favor. Sadly I know most if not all will go unanswered. However I believe my letter asks for something simple and will one day benefit Americans.
For a long time, it has always been in the back of mind to join the military. I am writing this letter to ask the Commander in Chief for an age waiver to serve because I stand up for the very ideals our country is fighting for. In 1998, at the age of seventeen, I was offered an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy. In 2006, I singlehandely fought against five people on a New York City subway who tried to steal a woman’s purse and iPod. In 2008, I worked as a temporary Federal employee. During my first month I pointed out flaws in the agency’s modeling process that could of saved the agency millions of dollars. On just one Saturday alone over four hours of work, I was able to save my office over $100,000 and paid my entire annual salary two times over.  During that year,where I was able to point out flaws in the agency’s modeling process perhaps saving the government over 1 billion dollars.
I realize that our country is winding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our federal deficit is at an all time high and needs to be addressed. I’m not going to say that one day I may be the next flag officer. But natural disasters and terrorism are always on the horizon. And I don’t want to sit at home mulling over the television when our next earthquake or tsunami strikes; hoping, wishing and wanting to do my part. I think our country could use someone such as myself and the military would help me grow as a person. I am asking you as Commander in Chief to give serious consideration to granting me an age waiver to serve our country as a military officer. I know you are a very busy person, and we are in tumultuous times but I am confident that our government will benefit from my leadership.

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