Dickwatch.com is a blog about Dick. Many words have been used to describe him some of which include: subway vigilante, unemployed military veteran, 32 year-old virgin, five time recipient of unemployment benefits (both at 99 weeks and 73 weeks, 60 weeks and most recently 26 weeks). Dickwatch was the name given by his former college room mate who was working for the Federal Reserve. As he explained those who watch how the Fed manages the money supply and change interest rates are FedWatch. At CNN they have those who watch the stock market are MarketWatch. And those who take an interest in Dick’s life should go to Dickwatch.com

In school Dick’s website gained campus wide attention, the story of a guy who got kicked out of college, was denied rentry two times, agreeded to come back on social and academic probation, ate in the dining hall by himself, finished the semester with honors and then refused his diploma.

Sitting with Daryl White one of the original cast members one day over Korean kim-chi they decided to revive Dickwatch.com.


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