From Wall Street to the street: A cabdriver’s tale

An interesting front page story on about
From Wall Street to the street: A cabdriver’s tale

This New Year’s eve will be the fourth time I have been unemployed. In this story a cabdriver speaks about how Wall Street isn’t what it used to be. He’s gone from looking for work to hopefully getting a hookup from someone who rides their cab.

So my New Year’s resolution is to just wait for a hookup. And if that hookup does not come I’m going to resort to Plan X, Y,Z.


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  1. That’s an interesting read. Most people wouldn’t feel sorry for a guy making a $250,000 annual salary falling on hard times, except he’s actually grinding it out raising a family driving a cab 12 hours a day.

    The sad fact about Wall Street nowadays is that he’s probably more honest than the “younger guys” that made his position (and compensation package) redundant. Self righteousness aside, there’s no doubt he misses living at the top of the pile.

    These are my takeaways:

    1. Nothing is forever (unless you’re lucky). The most promising careers can evaporate in a bad economy, rock solid jobs get downsized, generous pay becomes parsimonious.

    2. Some job is better than no job. Many people are content working middle class jobs and have no desire to compete for the big bucks. The problem is, those who want the big bucks but are unemployed feel like sh*t. Unfortunately bill paying can’t be delayed forever: take some job to put food on the table, even if it isn’t your dream career.

    3. Save money. The article didn’t get into details about this gentleman’s savings and personal investments, which should have been fairly strong given his compensation level prior to losing his job. Maybe he spent a ton of money partying, taking lavish vacations, on women, or had a drug problem. A good savings can tide one over while job prospects are few and far between. Spending money frivolously is NOT a strategy for long term stability.

    Dick you might have to go to plan X, Y, Z, or AA, AB, AC šŸ™‚ I’m trying to change my career path and it’s not going to be easy. Living isn’t cheap anymore.

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