Dick’s Military Enlistment and Return to New York City

On Friday November 21st Dick returned to New York City after spending eleven weeks undergoing to military’s toughest basic combat training at Fort Benning, Georgia. In those eleven weeks Dick had no access to a phone, email, or internet.

Dear Journal:

It has been a long time since I’ve written in my journal as I had no access to internet, phone and email for about eleven weeks (11). You see on 12 JUN 2012 I joined the Army National Guard. On 09 SEP 2012, I showed up at the Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx to be shipped. I spent the night at the Marriott in Staten Island and on 10 SEP 2012 I went to the Military Entrance Processing Station at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn for shipping. I arrived late that night at Atlanta airport where a coach bus took the two hour drive to Fort Benning, Georgia. From 10 SEP 2012 to 18 SEP 2012 there was ten days of inprocessing at the 30th Adjutant General. Basic combat training started on 19 SEP 2012 with the shark attack where we ran up Sand Hill with our dufflebags.

On 09 NOV 2012, we completed our last ruckmarch of 16 kilometers (10 miles) and officially became soldiers. There after we entered a recovery week ending with Family Day on 20 NOV 2012, graduation ceremony 21 NOV 2012. Afterwards we were given a day and a half (36 hours) pass off base to spend with loved ones. We had to return to base at 8pm Thanksgiving Day (20:00 hours) and the following morning on Black Friday we shipped out either home or to our next training station.


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One response to “Dick’s Military Enlistment and Return to New York City

  1. Dick,

    Congratulations on passing basic training and officially joining the military!

    Where is your next assignment? Are you being deployed in New York to assist with recovery efforts after Storm Sandy?

    I hope you aren’t called to serve in Afghanistan, even though the draw down begins 2014. It is a very dangerous and unforgiving place. The locals aren’t too impressed that the USA is running around their country either.

    With basic training complete, can you apply to West Point? At this point I don’t see how they can argue your physical conditioning if you passed 3 months of training satisfactorily.

    Good Luck and stay safe. I appreciate your service to our country.

    Grover Mannings

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