Bloomberg Plans to Remove 2 Housing Authority Board Members.

Bloomberg Plans to Remove 2 Housing Authority Board Members.

The other day one of my friends texted me about a shakedown at the New York City Housing Authority. He was probably referring to this New York Times Article. This shouldn’t be news to those who have been following this blog. Just look for the all the entries in the category Life in the Ghetto.

I called this person and I could tell the respect in his voice. I think it was the tipping point between him realizing I’m a borderline craxy psychopath to someone who in my words. “can sniff out phony and corrupt politicians, civic leaders and systems from miles away.”

Amid controversy, Mayor Bloomberg will make the New York City Housing Authority executive board members unsalaried positions with an additional member who is a tenant of public housing. As I said before, I want to be the next tenant to sit on this board. I am so confident I can actually save this agency money I am willing to do this job for free.


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  1. This article and blog post was an interesting read. It is a classic case of too many cooks in the kitchen and not enough waiters to serve the customers (meaning borrowed from a less PC expression that I won’t use).

    The NYCHA is clearly top heavy and its inefficiencies are showing. If Bloomberg was truly intent on shaking things up, he’d fire most of the leadership, including John Rhea. $197,000 a year for running a crappy operation is a nice reward, even if Rhea admitted in a NY Daily News interview that “he’s not in it for the money”. If so, what about a $1 salary until there are substantial, tangible improvements in his agency?

    Instead of employing greedy administrators, Bloomberg should shift funding towards hiring contractors and engineers to actually fix the already rickety physical state of NYC public housing. $100,000 of Rhea’s salary alone would more than adequately compensate a pipe fitter, engineer, or mason for a year’s worth of work.

    If the housing authority took the $1 billion some odd dollars it is sitting on and flushed it through the system, New York would see an uptick in employment and dramatically better housing infrastructure. The fact that this much needed money is collecting dust is outrageous.

    In reality, Joe or Jane Citizen living in apartment 15F somewhere in the inner-city doesn’t care if John Rhea gets a ride to work everyday or if he collects a six-figure paycheck: they just want to be assured that their toilet flushes, their elevator functions, and their building is secure.

    Government needs to get its priorities straight.

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