Cousin Dies From Cancer….

My mother informed me last night at about 11:30pm my cousin in Vietnam has passed away from cancer. This brings the total number of people in my mother’s side of the family who have died from cancer since 2002 to five. (summer 2002 uncle, fall 2010 aunt, spring 2011 uncle-in-law, and circa 2005 cousin)

Tomorrow is the season finale culminating in either someone vomiting or having a heart attack before the accounting exam with the college’s hardest professor.(hey it’s happened already)


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  1. bpmee

    Dick, sorry to hear this. A death in the family is always upsetting and troubling.

    Has your mother been screened for various types of cancer? Given your family history, she should definitely be at the doctor’s office twice a year for screening.

    That way, you might be able to nip any malignant tumors in the bud before they spread and become terminal.

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