Tall, Dark and Handsome

In my interactions with women, I sometimes come across someone who tells me what she is looking for in a guy. Most women say they want someone who is tall (usually six feet or taller), dark and handsome. I have to refrain from bursting into hysterical laughter because I don’t think most women know that only about 10 percent of men in America are over six feet tall. This is not a problem with some women. But with others I want to ask them: “Are you in the top 10% percentile of women?”

Now if you make a lot of money, have a great personality, or have some as they say in French “je  ne sais quoi” going for you then the odds change. So I decided to make a list which is by no means comprehensive of qualities that probably do not make someone in the top 10% of women these include: fat, average or below average intelligence, unemployed by choice.



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2 responses to “Tall, Dark and Handsome

  1. bpmee

    A usual Dick is hung up on “Tall, Dark and Handsome”.

    If we accept his fact that only 10% of men are over 6 feet, out of that 10% of men, how many are dark? And then, of the number that are 6 feet and dark, how many are handsome?

    My guess is this number equates less than 2% of ALL men.

    Funny, a lot of other guys are still getting laid and the human race is quickly becoming overpopulated. Tall, Dark, and Handsome is Dick’s way of excluding himself from being assertive with women. He automatically assumes the rejection before he even approaches (if he does approach).

  2. MM

    This is absurd. So what if women ‘say’ they want men like this? Men want women that are most likely unattainable as well. Such is life. Dick will never be happy being in the 90- 98%.

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