May Day: Dick’s Call For Help

Today was our second accounting exam. The good thing was there was no heart attack or vomiting victims this time. The bad news is I am pretty sure I failed this one. We had our last exam Tue. Apr. 3rd and reviewed it the following Thursday. The second week was spring break so there were no classes. The third week she was absent one day. So we covered two chapters in three classes and had our exam today.




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2 responses to “May Day: Dick’s Call For Help

  1. bpmee

    Sounds like you should ask for your money back. This professor seems more keen on taking sick days than actually instructing her pupils.

    Students that proactively learn a course’s material and seek regular help from a professor (if needed) should not be be failing exams.

    Failing students = bad teaching once other factors like underfunded schools, no books, or dangerous teaching environment are ruled out.

  2. Haywood

    Dick, when are you finishing the accounting degree. Pain is temporary.

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