Dick’s Job Title: Unemployed

Two weeks ago a group of us who are current and former employees of a place I used to work were having beers in downtown Brooklyn after a softball practice. I had recently heard New York City lost its challenge to the 2010 Census count which said that New York City only grew several percentage points in ten years and Queens only increased by 0.1% (that is one tenth of one percent) We got into a conversation about how I believe the Census Bureau’s counting is sometimes flawed, allowing people to get away with erroneous information that undercount cities . He briefly mentioned he saw my resume the other day in the pool of qualified candidates from human resources to be interviewed for a position in his department. [Which defeats another employee’s remarks that I have a permanent bar against me from ever working there.]    This person has said to me on numerouse occasions that one of the demography directors always liked my quality of work because I was very thorough.

I said the list must be gargantuan because the job is not the regular planner position (which usually requires a Master’s degree and experience and everyone wants) rather that of a technician which assists planners, opening the qualified pool to more candidates. He said not only was I right; I would probably not even get an interview because they’re were a lot of overqualified candidates and his boss is looking for someone to project population counts using statistics. He said: “It makes me wonder how I would have gotten a job there today because some of those candidates are more qualified than me.”

A thing I have alluded to before is it contrary to popular belief applying to jobs which pay less or one is overqualified for does not get you a job quicker. When I was working at my last job during one of the final days there, they offered two data-entry clerk positions and encouraged everyone to apply. The news one day around the office was they received 584 applicants for those two positions. My point is jobs that are easier to do usually have more candidates applying.

One of the new employees who recently started at this agency asked me what my job title was. Somehow he received the impression (the wrong one) that I actually still work there. One of the girls (who I might add probably falls into the list of hating me) blurted out unemployed. I burst into fake hysterical laughter like Anthony Edwards does from Top Gun. Add that to my list of titles. Dick aka unemployed, aka ultimate epitome of a loser aka the final intern aka three-time unemployment benefits recipient.

As I have said before. Perception is key, and the perception thus far is I am not looking good in some people’s eyes.


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