Felton’s 29th Birthday Party With The Women of Dick

On April 1st, Felton turns 29 and he was having his birthday party at his apartment. There is nothing weirder than being at a party where all the women there were friends with you years ago and now hate you. Kenyetta has me blocked on Facebook, Jewell won’t even accept my friend request, and Madie well we don’t speak much anymore.

Jewell asked me why things never worked between Kenyetta and I. I learned it is easier to place the blame on myself as opposed to blaming women. No woman wants to hear she is the problem. So I said it is not her [Kenyetta], it is me. The truth is I am very unhappy with myself and my current situation. However that is the topic of another post.What I should have said was: “The same reasons you [Jewell] and I never worked out.” Jewell said that all the accusations I had about her are untrue. I won’t argue whether they are untrue or not, but sometimes she needs to ask how others perceive her. And the truth is my criticisms of her are widely perceived as true.

Kenyetta seemed to not being enjoying herself and I tried to strike up conversation with her. However she did not seem to have an interest in talking to me.  Jewell like many others probably believes that I should keep my comments and criticisms to myself.  I of course would like to make sure everyone (including myself) is reaching their full potential. For example a few months ago, I made my opinion about how I thought Daryl was not doing enough for his brother who has severe Down’s syndrome.

Jewell said I had nothing to do with that because Daryl was in the process of enrolling his brother in a school. People will say I have nothing to do with this in a means to discredit me. However it is no coincidence that a few months after I made a public post about Daryl’s brother (and Daryl went on a public rant) I discovered that his brother was enrolled in a school. As I said before a continuing theme in my journal posts is “do something.” Even if you do something and it fails miserably at least you can regroup and think where did I go wrong. Doing nothing is not a solution.

I create this blog not to insult people. I know I know ….people will disagree. While you guys are at work at your 9pm-5pm jobs or in the case of my six figure finance friends working 7am-6pm or 8am-10pm. I’m going to go make something happen. I may fail miserably which thus far has been the case, but doing nothing is not a solution. Later that night Colton, Felton’s roommate  asked us to leave because his brother and his brother’s girlfriend were visiting. I figured it was in my best interest to leave, plus I was not enjoying myself much anyways.


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