Dick’s Neighbor Commits Suicide

At last weeks, monthly green committee meeting there was an announcement that someone in my development fell out a window and died over the weekend. I went home and tried to search google news feed but found nothing. However upon leaving the back of the building the following morning I found a memorial of candles in the corner.

I can’t verify any of this information however according to people I mentioned to. Over the weekend, a woman on the fifth floor of my building jumped out the fifth floor with her son. Apparently she was distraught that child services was taking one of her daughters away from her. She landed on the concrete floor and was pronounced dead. Her son was treated for injuries but the fall was absorbed by her mother.

On about Wednesday morning a picture was put on the top of the memorial and at that point I knew who this girl was. My mother knows this person and would say hi to her all the time. I gave my mother the information about the funeral and memorial service and she said she would attend.


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