Work And Education For Women

Last month I asked someone I knew how their sisters were doing. She had recently broke off with her boyfriend.  She told me that her older sister recently moved with her long time boyfriend making  this person is the last one who is still living at home with her mother. From the tone of her voice she seemed unhappy to say this. She may not be happy now, however she will be happier in the long-term. I think what this person will discover is that education and work fosters independence. One thing is for certain, she will be happier than her three sisters one of which is married to a physically abusive husband and has two children. The other two are just living with their boyfriends and not working.

I say this because I see the same mistakes in these women that I see in my mother. My mother was always encouraged by my father not to work and just stay home and take care of her two sons. She wanted more independence and some of her own spending money. However she had only a grade school education and she only had experience in the restaurant service industry. So when I was in my teens she started working in her forties at a restaurant for minimum wage. She gained the independence she wanted. Now that my father has passed away and my mother is too old to work. She has little savings, lives solely off a $247/month pension (which will never be adjusted for inflation) and $750 a month of Social Security benefits.

Using education and work are outlets for women to gain independence from men. It allows them the flexibility to live life on their own terms, and this girl I mentioned in this post may not see it now. But she will see in ten-twenty years down the road. What Daryl said was right though. He said this sister is different from the other ones. [and that I should give her a chance]



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  1. bpmee

    Dick this is a good, thoughtful post.

    Education definitely affects one’s earning power, but so does opportunity.

    It sounds like your parents wanted to have a more traditional marriage arrangement: father earns money and pays the bills, mother takes care of the kids. This was the same situation in my house, too, up until 2 years before I went to college when my mom started teaching again. Otherwise, my childhood was spent with my Mom taking us from activity to activity and going to parent-teacher conferences at school.

    This pattern goes far back in my family, predating our arrival in the USA. In fact, my parents’ generation was one of the first to have both husband and wife working at the same time.

    Today’s younger women don’t have as many excuses as women of generations past. If you move in with your boyfriend and expect to live off his credit card, you should also know that if things go South, so does your lifestyle.

    It would behoove women in similar situations as Dick explains to live in their own apartment and have their own job. Only move in together when getting engaged or after several months of serious dating. This sounds old fashioned but it’s actually practical advice. Don’t expect others to take care of you unless you’ve both agreed that your role in the relationship is subservient to the breadwinner.

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