Why My Rent Has Gone To Quadruple Digits?

My mother sometimes asks me why our rent is so high? She should not have to worry because for the last three years I’ve singlehandely taken care of the rent. But she does worry and sometimes says….well so and so pays this much (place really low figure of a couple of hundred dollars here)

The answer I had for her the other day was the following, because we are accurately and honestly reporting the correct number of tenants and their income. I know of several instances of people who live in rent controlled, rent stabilized or public housing situations who are not accurately reporting their rent. You’re asking how does Dick know? I live by the old adage, when something sounds too good to be true….it probably is.

Here are some cases in conversation through people:

* one person who works full time at a municipal job and lives with his parents. However this person is not on the lease and therefore does not have to report his income.

* one person who lives with just their mother in a three-bedroom because their sisters have already grown up and left the apartment

* one person claims their bedroom is occupied by the legal leaseholder, however this leaseholder actually lives in another state. The bedroom is actually empty.

* one person who lives in my building is not even on the lease. I found this out because he received an award from City Council for all his community service. I asked this person if they would consider applying to be a resident board member of the New York City Housing Authority. He finally came clean and said he is ineligible because he isn’t even a legal tenant.

* one person I know lives in the Union Square area. I did some research and found out her building is part of a program for residents who were formerly homeless or with drug/alcohol abuse. She lived in a three bedroom apartment and when her son was arrested for murder she rented the rooms out for a grand each.

In fact it is a safe statement to say: “Everyone I know who lives in rent controlled, rent stabilized apartment is not living in a legal situation.”


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