A Dating Quotient of None

This is a followup to a post I wrote not too long ago. According to a study done by Columbia University Asian men and black women have the lowest dating quotients. That is they are the ones people who least likely prefer to date and therefore are the hardest to match. I went out on a limb to say Asian men have a dating quotient of none. If you’re an Asian guy you probably fall into one of five categories.

I. date within your race (if they will even date you because we are the only exception, an overwhelming amount of Asian women surveyed said they would rather not meet Asian men)

II.date women who are less physically attractive/uglier than you

III.date one person

IV. date someone who has an Asian fetish (for example they have some wierd obsession with Asian culture)

V. do not date

I say this because every Asian man I know falls into one of those five categories. I know two examples of men who are in Category III. They dated their first girlfriend in college, dated them exclusively and eventually married them.  Manytimes I walk around New York City and very rarely will I see an interracial couple with a Asian man, if I do it usually is a lesser attractive white woman. To even test this theory I posted two profiles online one of myself and one of a white guy whom I think is equally attractive as I am. So far he has ten times as many views as I do. (1000 to like 100)

I am reminded many years ago where I posted a picture of Daryl White and Rick Yune on a website called hotornot.com . Rick Yune is a Korean actor and a Polo Ralph Lauren model who was featured in People magazine’s 50 most Beautiful People. Consistently though Daryl White outscored our Polo Ralph Lauren model.


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One response to “A Dating Quotient of None

  1. bpmee


    I’m posting from Curacao, an island in the Caribbean off South America. It is hot as hell down here which is why I’m in an internet cafe at the moment.

    You probably already know my normal response to this type of entry, so I’ll offer an alternative for your readers.

    Dick, please answer the following questions with numbers only and with 100% honesty:

    1. How many women have you asked out in the past 5 years? For the purposes of clarity we’ll assume a “date” constitutes meeting a woman in a potentially romantic context 1 on 1 for “get to know you” purposes whereupon you flirt or otherwise make an obvious romantic gesture. Meeting a random girl at a party after a friend introduces you doesn’t count unless you picked up the conversation and steered it towards “What’s your number?”

    2. Of the number you’ve asked out, how many refused your invitation (also include in your answer attempts to ask the same woman out more than twice)?

    3. Of the number who accepted your first invitation, how many did you ask out for a second time?

    4. How many women have you asked out in the last 12 months, 6 months, 3 months?

    5. How many times in the past 3 months have you gone to a bar, club, bookshop, library, park, etc. with the sole purpose of trying to find someone to date? (Walking your dog only counts if you introduced yourself to at least one woman you didn’t know before).

    My guess is that you’ll answer each question with a number less than 5.

    As usual, Dick plays the race card as an excuse for not actually trying to meet someone. He automatically assumes his race precludes him from being successful with women. The fact to the matter is Dick probably hasn’t even met a statistically signficant amount of women to claim his race is a factor.

    If you have honestly introduced yourself to 100 or more women for the purposes of dating them and were refused everytime, I would agree race is an issue. Otherwise, you need to step up to the plate before you call pinch runner.

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