March Madness Begins Today

March Madness begins today…and for the next two weeks I’ll be trying to figure out how to put together a consolidated financial statement which is what is covered in advanced accounting.

Since the new year started I’ve been having trouble in what people call the college’s toughest professor. It is not like I was not warned about her. Dick, you may be able to get A’s in other people’s class and I think you’re a smart guy. But you be lucky if you walk away with a C.

I’ll usually leave between 8:30 am and 10 am, because my mother still thinks my brother and I are still working. I usually end up at the school’s library where between writing in my blog about, investigative journalism into governmental waste I’ll attempt to be studying for this exam. This is between a lot of snoring on my textbook and staring out the window. March Madness like I said starts this week because in two weeks I will have my first exam. And like my professor says: “I do not give a rat’s ass what they have to say about me on I don’t bullshit and I expect mastery of the material.”


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