What Matters to Women: Height and Race

As I alluded to in prior posts I think attraction for women is based on two criteria, height and race. Once you get past the height and race requirements then everything else such as looks, income and charm  comes into play. However for someone who is Asiatic and shorter at barely 5’6″ I don’t meet most women’s height and race requirements.

There are two famous studies about this.
The Ugly Truth About Beauty

Racial preferences in the dating world

In the first study researchers paired shorter men next to taller men and gave the shorter ones better resumes. But in no case were the women swayed to chose the shorter men. When asked what would sway the women to pick the shorter guy they said “”Maybe the only thing you could say is that the other four are murderers.” In the other study research found that most women preferred dating men within their own ethnicity, with the exception of Asian women. Many Asian women preferred to date non-Asian men because their complaint was most Asian men they knew were short. But when asked if they would consider dating a guy if he was tall, they said they would rather not.

Recently I was at one of my friend’s 40th birthday party and I met two girls who I have seen before at a fund raiser. They claim that although there are a lot of women whom it matters to there are some exceptions. One of them is a finance professional who is married to a guy who is shorter than her and makes less money as a drummer. The other lives with her boyfriend who is also shorter than her and of a different race.

As the author of the article says: “While there is some truth to all stereotypes, there are certainly many exceptions to every single one.” And today Dick met two women who are the exceptions. One thing is for certain though women are like parking spaces the good ones are all taken.



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2 responses to “What Matters to Women: Height and Race

  1. Grover Mannings

    “One thing is for certain though women are like parking spaces the good ones are all taken.”

    Dick that is a classic.

    I think these articles make a glaring error: surely short/tall and tall/short partner combinations must be occurring, because the human population – particularly in Asian cultures – is continuing to increase. Despite these so called stereotypes people are still having sex. In fact, the population of China dwarfs that of the USA exponentially.

    If these articles were 100% true, there would be a disproportionate amount of short Asian men dying off without offspring compared to their white, tall counterparts. This is NOT the case.

    I think these articles are very narrowly defining “attraction” to the confines of what a woman would want in a short-term sexual relationship. For example, a woman out a club would probably prefer the tall, dark and handsome guy at the bar for a one night fling. Whether or not they’d actually marry this guy is a different story altogether.

    Dick don’t self exclude yourself from the dating scene based on tabloid articles about attraction. You’re making excuses for yourself when you should feel confident about who you are and approach women you would like to date.

  2. Grover Mannings

    Further to my previous comments on Dick’s dating thoughts, the article below talks about how ancient biological programming tends to rule the ways and means of attraction:


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