The Epitome of Loserdom

People who read my my blog know the cast members work in a variety of industries some of which include city planning, computer programming, public health statistical analysis and even professional moochers. Dick is none of these. The problem with me is I am a generalist and employers are not looking for generalists. I really do not have extensive experience in any one area. And although people would say I am a great problem solver who can figure things out. My resume does not scream out that I am a great problem solver. I also do not quantify (essentially bragging) about how I pointed out modeling flaws at my federal government job potentially saving them almost a billion dollars or how I was able to predict that my last company was unsustainable and would conduct massive layoffs. You would call me crazy…. but it really did happen. Here are some great recent stories in the job search.

Job Announcements Cancelled Due to Technical Errors

Recently I applied for a job as a geographer for the Bureau of the Census. The job was offered at the GS-09,11 and 12 positions and I qualified for all three, which is a plus because the job is career/career conditional (meaning after three years I am a permanent employee) and pays upwards of $77K for 40 hours a week. However the human resources professional cancelled the posting because she realized she made a mistake. The job vacancy was reposted and I reapplied. But keep in mind when candidates have the same score they are randomly shuffled except those with veteran preference will be listed first. I will qualify again but may not be not be referred to this hiring manager this time.

Hiring Manager Gives You Her Wrong Phone Number

The other day Daryl White tried to find me a job as a school bus driver. The hiring manager left a phone number that does not even work. If you try to call the number it says the extension does not exist. If you try to be transferred to the operator you get caught in the endless loop of the extension not existing. I accessed the staff directory and figured out every spelling variation of her name and spelled it out on the dial pad. The system transfers you to her mailbox. But if you leave a message no one will ever return your phone call. If you speak to her assistant (a human being) she said she takes a message but no one will return your message either. I realize I need to be proactive but there comes a point where people just find me plain annoying.

Blanket Age/Degree Requirements Which I Can Not Possibly Meet

For example at Felton’s jobs you are required to have a master’s degree in urban planning, engineering or public administration. It does not matter whether you have experience or can do the job. If you do not have a master’s you are not getting called. Then to top it all off the military accepts people. Then you hear about dumbasses who score so low that the military won’t even take them. Well I scored the highest and the military won’t take me.

And just yesterday I was rejected from a job as an entry level coordinator for a company called GreenWaste.

Let us defer to a quote written on one of my blog entries which sums it up the best“..your still living at home, in the projects, with your mother and to top it all off, you’ve never had a girlfriend nor have you gotten laid.) You really are the epitome of loser-dom,”


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One response to “The Epitome of Loserdom

  1. Grover Mannings

    “The epitome of loserdom” is an insult. It is NOT an accurate portrayal of your life. You have had significant obstacles to overcome, more than whoever made that comment will ever understand.

    Your blog makes a good point about the state of the economy: there are some employed people that are utterly helpless, yet are seemingly able to hold on to their jobs because it would probably be too expensive to fire them. Dick, it’s rather clear that you stand hand and toe above these individuals in terms of raw intellect and output potential. You just need to get your foot in the door somewhere.

    I’ll use myself as an example to illustrate another point. For all intents and purposes, my parents have been employed by the public sector for their entire adult life (particularly my father). When you work in the public sector, the “networking” aspect of your career is limited to fellow public employees and officials in elected office. Sure, you might meet a few entrepreneurs here and there who have projects on the up and up, but by and large, the goal of a career in the public sector is to climb the well established public pay scale and save for retirement. That’s it unless you have aspirations to take high elected office.

    This networking problem became quite plain as my brothers and I came out of college. We didn’t have “Uncle Bob” at J.P. Morgan-Chase to let us in on upcoming hiring campaigns. Family friends and relatives didn’t work at Fortune 500 companies, and therefore had no contacts to network us into good jobs. We were all on our own to find gainful employment. While many in my college class were graduating into well paid entry-level positions, I found myself waiting tables and working at a training program in a supermarket.

    Had my mother been related to the HR manager at Microsoft my post college years would have been a completely different story. Unfortunately most all my relatives work civil service jobs and that means little to no connection to hiring private companies.

    You are in a similar situation. You need to think outside the box and refocus your employment goals. There is work available if you look in the right places. Maybe the public sector isn’t for you. While you continue to accrue credits at university I’d encourage you to look into start-up companies that are related to the environment or environmental engineering. These companies are high risk but the upside is almost unlimited.

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