The Top 1% of Military Enlistees

On January 24th I took the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test) for those who are interested in enlisting in the military. The test is used by all the services for their enlisted folk but each one uses a different test for their officer candidates. The Army is the only service that uses just the ASVAB for both officers and enlisted. As I explained to the commander of the recruiting battalion I was a bit worried about the auto shop, electronics and mechanical comprenhension sections because I never studied these going to a liberal arts school. He said not to worry about those sections because most importantly were my percentile and the GT (general technical score) which required I get above a 110.

The test was almost three hours. The arithmetic and verbal parts were very easy. But I had some difficulty in auto shop (AS) and mechanical comprehension (MC) and one other section called assembling objects (AO). However when the test proctor printed the results he looked at me and said I had one of the highest scores he has ever seen in his career (and he is in his fifties and sixties). I told him I was trying to get an age waiver and he said with those score he would give me a waiver. “You are going to have a great job in the military.”

I went upstairs to the lobby and called my recruiter to pick me up on my cell phone. But I did not receive cell service until I reached the lobby where the lights were turned off. My recruiter was the only person standing in the darkness. She asked how I did and I handed her the paper with the score and said “I did okay.” She looked at the sheet at gasped momentarily. “that is the highest score I have seen. I seen people with 15% and wonder how they ever got past high school..and I see decent scores…but this is incredible.” In her 1 1/2 years recruiting this is the highest score she has ever seen and she said she is pretty sure her commander who has been in the service 17 years would say.

As I said to my recruiter, this means nothing because I need an age waiver. I realize that I would have to walk on water. And I am confident I can pull very close to a perfect score of 300 on the Army PFT (physical fitness test) which is 77 pushups, 82 situps and a 13:18 minute two mile run. As of today I can do 50 pushups, 100 situps and run two miles in 14:00 minutes before I even show any signs of fatigue that gets me a 264 score.

You are probably wondering what I received on the ASVAB. The title of the post should tell you all you need to know, the score is in the 99% percentile. Subtests GS 67 AR 71 WK 63 PC 64 MK 70 EI 64 AS 47 MC 67 AO 55 VE 64

Composites GT 138 CL 140 CO 135 EL 135 FA 136 GM 133 MM 125 OF 133 SC 137 ST 137

I am reminded of this scene from Top Gun where Viper tells the Top Gun school they are the top 1% of all naval aviators


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  1. Grover Mannings

    Wow Dick that’s fantastic. I’m happy to hear that your recruiters were finally able to grasp your potential on an objective level.

    Still, the military is a highly structured organization that prides itself on obedience to law and chain of command. It will be an uphill slog if you wish to continue pursuing a military career however this brings you one step closer.

    I’d still keep all your options open, and at the very least your have a neutral assessment of your capabilities that most employers would find invaluable.

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