Who Wants to See Act of Valor?

Tomorrow is the premiere of the movie Act of Valor. I asked around to see if my brother or my friends would go and see the movie. But of course like any group of civilians no one gives a crap. I jokingly refer to it as “the movie Kenyetta’s former boyfriend is in.  (since she was seeing a guy in 2010 who was a SEAL)”

These two people actually say 1. there is no way this guy is a SEAL. 2. Kenyetta’s an idiot for believing he is a SEAL and having sex with him. It goes back to what I was saying when I was working in federal government during the height of the Afghan troop surge in 2009. The military account for less than 1% of the United States population the other 99% actually do not care.

The November 10, 2011 cover story illustrates this issue, the widening gap between the military and the civilian world.The 99% go about their daily American consumeristic lifestyle which consists of working (or not working) 9am-5pm, eating at fast food restaurant chains and purchasing gadgets, newest clothing styles and shoes, while the military (1%) are fighting overseas getting killed to perserve our American way of life. The civilians would groan when they had to give preference to a veteran for a job. And then sometimes go as far to hire the veteran and then not empower them to do their job so they could fire them. Even my neighbor says although he is entitled to veteran’s preference he never takes the five points because it makes people think you took the backdoor.

 And I remember in 2009 during the Afghanistan troop surge how someone made the comment about the Wal-mart worker trampled to death on Black Friday that while troops are dying overseas for our freedom Americans here are fighting for a flat-screen television. I’ll find someone who will watch it with me if I ever get into the military.


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  1. Grover Mannings

    Dick your allegiance to our armed forces is admirable. It is very patriotic to support our troops especially in these trying times.

    I would argue, however, that the “other 99%” [non-military civilians] do indeed care about our military. As I’ve stated on this website before, I have one blood relative in the Navy, a high school classmate who served multiple tours of duty in the Army, a childhood friend who was in the Army during the beginning of the Iraq conflict, and two other peers from high school who have all had military careers. To say I don’t care about these people because I don’t serve is inaccurate. I care a lot about them. I, like most Americans, don’t want to see the President saluting coffins returning to Andrews Air Force Base. I’d much rather see our troops deployed for meaningful missions, including projects right here in the USA.

    Also, be mindful of the fact that many people do not support the military for idealistic reasons: they don’t feel the military represents their interests and is a waste of tax dollars. They’re allowed to have that disposition in our free society. Moreover, American citizens that don’t support the military still end up doing so if they pay taxes.

    Volunteers power our military. There is no draft. Therefore, people who choose to join the military understand that they are potentially putting themselves in harm’s way. In return, they are compensated with a modest salary, government health insurance, and VA benefits when they retire. Many people who join the service do so because they simply can’t find any other job. Some join the service because their life is a mess and they feel a highly structured environment like the military will help “square them away”. Not everyone who joins has red, white, and blue running through their veins; some just want a steady paycheck.

    Finally, I wouldn’t blow Kenyatta’s affair with the SEAL team member out of proportion. Hypothetically speaking, if you join the military, chances are you will NOT get laid any more often than if you were a civilian. Donning a uniform and bragging about how many rag-heads you’ve killed isn’t a one-way ticket to the sack. There are much less dangerous ways of landing a chick in bed. There’s no need to go through basic training. While it’s true that many women find men in uniform attractive, it’s usually just a passing fantasy. Who wants to marry someone who has shell shock, runs the household like a marine base, or insists on making the family do push-ups and sit-ups every morning before sunrise? My guess is most women would NOT put up with such a regimen.

    The reason you’re NOT getting laid is that you’re not assertive with women. Forget putting yourself in a Navy uniform, it probably won’t happen. Instead, focus on trying to get small dates here and there that eventually lead up to sexual intercourse. You place too much emphasis on the outcome and lose all the life lessons learned in the process. You stand on the sidelines waiting for the “perfect” opportunity to materialize, but it doesn’t and never will. Be realistic and experiment with dating. Eventually you’ll get the results you desire.

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