The Sugar Daddies of Dickwatch

I do not have any female friends and there is a very good reason. Women hate me because they say I fabricate stuff about them and then post it to my blog.

One of things I realized is that most (if not all) of the females mentioned in my blog have sugar daddies or benefactors. Without mentioning any names here are some examples. One woman I know told me she went out to dinner with three different men this past week, a partner at a hedge fund, an engineer and a school principal. Since the hedge fund guy has a lot of money she does not feel guilty that he spends it. The school principal justs want to sleep with her. And the engineer is probably the only guy she has any attraction to. The problem is his net worth is not big enough.

I also have someone who gets to go to the Broadway shows and trips to exotic places Carribean, Bermuda. She refers to him as the “boy” on Facebook, which she says is a term of endearment. But never refers to him by name. Her relationship status does not reflect that she is in a relationship with this person. This brings up an interesting thing about social media, two people who are dating each other, or being intimate but one party or both parties refuse to acknowledge on their status they are seeing someone. It is almost that they are ashamed of letting their friends know.

And a final example is someone who has a seasonal job in the coat check business of which it has been an awfully warm winter. I sometimes ask one of my friends and he’ll plea the fifth amendment. “I won’t tell you Dick, because if I do you’ll put it on your blog.” But the truth is no comment is just as incriminating. If you do not tell me either: 1) someone else will tell me 2) I’ll just dig around 3) I’ll assume. But it is pretty obvious when you see someone who is unemployed, employed sparingly. How do these people afford trips to exotic places?

When I hear women  speak of feminism, equal pay for equal work, same promotional opportunities I sometimes would like to point these people out to them. I am all for equal rights. I do not have a problem answering to a woman in a supervisory role. And although living rent-free, getting an allowance, being flown to other countries and dinners at expensive are great. I just think women such as these need to re-evaluate how they make other females who are striving to change the world for the better look.

With that said perhaps the women reading this can get a hint from the Destiny’s Child Independent Woman music video.


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  1. Grover Mannings

    This type of behavior is biologically programmed into women, despite the claims of the feminist movement that would have most people think otherwise. Even Betty Friedan, author of [u]The Feminine Mystique[/u] would have a hard time disputing that most women choose men based on their ability to provide and give them the most privileged life possible.

    It’s been happening since prehistoric times. Imagine a Neanderthal woman and a village of potential male partners. Which of the following male partners does she take:

    1) Ned the Neanderthal – No place to sleep, no shelter, no tools, nothing to trade with. Eats leftovers after village dinners.

    2) Neal the Neanderthal – Average “Joe” type with shelter and food available, but nothing to write home about in the looks department.

    3) Nicholas the Neanderthal – Villager’s top tool trader, with a cozy cave abode, plenty of food, and even some other Neanderthals working for him.

    It’s clear that all the women are going to want #3 because he represents the most stability for her and any offspring she might have. Why roll the dice with the broke Neanderthal and risk starving herself or potentially her baby?

    Fast forward to 2012… all else equal, a woman will chose a partner with the most “resources” ahem…wealth…available to him. Showering her with gifts, trips, and an endless supply of money is a great way to demonstrate his prowess as a provider. Sometimes simply being rich is good enough to “buy” having sex with a woman because she knows she’ll get something concrete out of it even if she’s not truly attracted to the guy.

    There are some instances when women deviate: they might be married to the hedge fund manager but cheat on him with the local mechanic. In this case, she’s not picking the mechanic over the fund manager, she’s just using him[hedge fund guy] to give herself a full lifestyle and then enjoying recreational sex with someone she finds more physically appealing.

    Dick is right on, as usual.

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