Unemployed, Unmarried, Childless and How the Psychic Was Wrong

On my birthday in 2006 I went to see a world-renowned psychic. This psychic is endorsed by many celebrities. I was always skeptical of psychics. After all how can some unknown force have control over.

What he predicted was in early 2007 I would be introduced to an Asian girl who was skinny and had big boobs. Nothing was going to come of it. I would be employed in a job in my field the following month based out of New York. I would work in management consulting and while at this job I would meet someone who would find me a job in finance. In this finance job I would meet a girl who has blond hair and blue eyes, stands about 5’7″. We are going to start out as friends but eventually I will marry her and have three children. I asked him what else he could tell me and he said you have a tendency to meet people between the months of January-March (the winter) because I see you two in winter jackets. But look for the letter J.

In mid -October I interviewed for a job as a GIS intern and October 30th of that year I started work at that agency. In early 2007, one of my friends whose name starts with a letter J introduced me to an Asian girl whose name also starts with a letter J. She was skinny and had 36C boobs. Nothing ever became of that. In the spring of 2009 I started worked for the federal government and although it was temporary later that summer I was hired as a management consultant. I worked there till late 2010 when i was unemployed yet again. And just last year I worked at a software firm that wrote programs for financial software. There was a girl who was 5’7″ blond hair and blue eyes whom my workers said was totally into me. Me less so than her.  

I’m convinced this psychic is wrong. And I am reminded of this scene from the Matrix in which Cipher says if Neo is the one there must be some miracle. If the psychic is right there must be some miracle to stop the company from laying me and several other employees off. After all how can I meet this woman if I am not working there?

I am okay with him not being right. The problem is that he was right about everything that was negative and wrong about everything that had any positive connotation.  The psychic predicted I would never make in into the military or become a reality television star. And trust me I tried VERY hard to get into the military the last few years.

As the oracle says to Neo….You’re going to walk away and not believe any of that fate crap. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvaE_HCMimQ



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3 responses to “Unemployed, Unmarried, Childless and How the Psychic Was Wrong

  1. Haywood

    Dick, at least one person told you the pyschic was full of shit.
    This may help with your cover letter

  2. Grover Mannings

    That psychic sounds like someone who has mastered the art of BULLSHIT. I’m not one to criticize you, though, since I called a psychic once because I was very lonely in high school and wanted to know if I’d meet a hot girl.

    Psychics prey on our naivete and the basic human optimism in all of us to predict futures which probably will NEVER happen. Yes, if you take his/her word to heart, you’ll likely make choices subconsciously that lead you in the direction they gave; simply because their predictions offered a glimpse at a better, more fulfilling future. After all, the future is supposed to be unpredictable, so knowing at least one favorable version of what might be in store can be comforting and reassuring.

    I’d challenge you to think beyond the words of some manipulative charlatan and perhaps write down a plan for the next 5 years of your life, with realistic expectations and tangible goals.

    5 years is enough time to meet someone, land a job, or finally determine whether or not you will be accepted into the military. Then, in 2017, take stock again and see what you need to do next.

    Don’t think about it too much, just allow yourself to be open to different possibilities. Who knows? You could be exiting the subway tomorrow and bump into your future wife. Alternatively, an older gentleman might offer you the chance to share a cab and while chatting you discover he is looking to hire CPAs for his new accounting firm.

    The world works in mysterious ways!

  3. Christie Bear

    I am a producer for a national talk show our of New York. We are doing a segment on psychics and would like to talk with you to discus the possibility of coming on our show to talk about your experience. Please shoot me an email and I will give you a call back ASAP.

    Christie Bear

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