Why I Can’t Get a New York City Job

Why I Can’t Get a City Job

I have a friend who sends me jobs he believes I am qualified for. But what he thinks I am qualified for and what I will be interviewed for are two completely separate things.

One day I was browsing his agency’s website and found a job posting which I can do, would probably be interviewed for except he never sent me this posting. After calling my friend and scolding him for notifying me about every job except this one I decided to apply. The problem was it was past the deadline date to submit a resume. I submitted a resume anyways with a note to the recruiter asking nicely if she could accept my resume. If she couldn’t and the position is reposted then she could just pull up my resume and throw it into the mix.

A few weeks later the posting did open up again. And I emailed the recruiter and ask if she could consider my resume. Without answering if she could consider my resume she gave me the explanation that the job vacancy was reposted because the deadline date preceded the date it was posted. For example the deadline was December 10 but job was posted December 11. Therefore no one submitted their resume in a timely fashion and that they would consider resumes until the position was filled.

I emailed her back and asked if I needed to resubmit my resume. But this time her response was that if I applied within the time period the first time I did not need to reapply. Wondering how anyone could of applied in the time period possible I asked my friend to find out whom this person is and if she’s an idiot. He looks her picture up in the staff directory and tells me she looks like a complete moron.

So I asked my friend if he could just stop by in human resources and see if my resume has been received. However between being busy, forgetting and then going to her office but her being absent; I still do not know if she received my resume. My brother and his friend said I should just send my resume again. But I already did that.

Just so she does not lose it perhaps I should send my resume on pink paper. Here is the perfect example of why I can’t find a job with municipal government. They still take resumes through snail mail submission. If you try to send it electronically they may not be able to open the attachment. Worse off if you try to get one of your friends to help you because they are municipal employees also they will be busy, forget or not be able to locate them. And does anyone wonder why I can’t find a job?



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6 responses to “Why I Can’t Get a New York City Job

  1. zed

    If the grammar /language on your resume is as bad as what you present on this blog, im not surprised you haven’t found a job. If I have to see “could of” instead of could have one more time, I’d have to shoot myself.

    you lack fundamental skills in troubleshooting and in communications, you have no technical skills to speak of, so who do you think would actually hire you? The only skill positive you possess is the ability to be annoying as Fuck. I don’t know how that can serve you buy you should probably leverage that somehow.

  2. gay@correlix

    Zed is a moron himself that obviously also lacks basic grammar skills as-is evident in his spelling of but with a “y,” his issues with sentence structure “the only skill positive you possess….” The fact that he does not know how to start a new sentence “you lack fundamental….” If you are going to put someone down because of their grammar at least take one pass at your own garbage.

    • zed

      Touche, @gay, but my only excuse is that I’m typing on a smartphone. I still stand by my statement that dick has no skills to speak of.

      However, this is what dick does, he has free time, I won’t say this is his passion, but he obviously likes to write stories. If this is how he treats his writing, his passion, why would he treat a menial job any better?

      in addition, dick has used “could of” in client emails. CLIENT emails!! when he should be careful in how he presents himself and the company, he was either ignorant or lazy, neither of which is acceptable.

      last but not least, his overall disregard for his responsibilities…constantly leaving the phones unattended, not following up with clients in a timely fashion, neglecting to learn the product to actually be useful in the office… dick has not impressed me at all. Hopefully he shapes up.

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