New York City’s Biggest Landlord NYCHA Does Not Recycle and Can Not Be Fined Part #2

I usually take my recyclables every Wednesday night to Tribeca because that is the recycling day for the zip code. Apparently I’m not the only crazy one. A woman mentioned in this article Public housing tenants team up against waste goes to another borough to make sure her garbage gets recycled. Some residents of the Motthaven Houses decided to call NYCHA out on their lack of environmentalism and start their own recycling program. They are making the same claim I have.

Of course NYCHA officials did not return calls for comment. They will never be returned. Neither will my FOIA requests because if they release any information it will incriminate themselves. Perhaps someone can ask the following three people who work the NYCHA waste management unit (along with their respective salaries from a public information forum) $99K, 78K and 187K about what justifies their six figure salaries.

An old cliche statement goes a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some pictures of my development’s staff taking the recyclables and putting them in black garbage bags. (just to prove I am not making this one up)

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One response to “New York City’s Biggest Landlord NYCHA Does Not Recycle and Can Not Be Fined Part #2

  1. Grover Mannings


    This is the hard-hitting journalism that I’ve come to love about

    It seems like the NYCHA is helpless when it comes to implementing city policy. The fact that you and others have to march up to Tribeca to recycle is appalling. There should be an abundance of clearly marked refuse bins outside each housing project where one can dispose of both regular garbage and recyclables.

    The sad fact of the grossly overpaid city employees is that they probably are on the take and clear $200K each. My guess is some corporation or group is against NYCHA recycling, and these individuals are being paid to turn a blind eye.

    I expect to see this on 60 Minutes this Sunday.


    Grover Beer Belly Mannings

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