The Most Annoying Constituent

A Congressman represents about 703,709 people which is slated to increase in 2012 after the Census reapportionment is completed. There is one person though who is the most annoying and that person is Dick. The following is a letter written to my Congressman’s office and is part of my promise that should I get rejected from the Navy I will apply to all the military services.

I just wanted to give you an update on my military officer applications:
With the recent events in the news, I decided to reapply to the Navy and all the military services and see if you can help my application along. Congresswoman Velazquez and Asian community activists called for a transparent investigation into the death of Private Danny Chen. His superior officers allegedly hazed and subjected him to racial slurs . A recurring theme they point to is the lack of Asian Americans in the military especially as officers. Elizabeth Ouyang spoke at a recent vigil and wants to know what the military is doing about hazing of service members and what it is doing to attract and keep Asian Americans in the ranks. I think the congresswoman would take interest in my application if she is genuine about what she is voicing.


According to my recruiter, my application was sent back to him for pilot in Dec. 2010 and the waiver was not even entertained. He says that at this point because of my age I am ineligible for almost everything (pilot, naval flight officer, surface warfare and supply corps). I can apply to Intel again but there are less than twenty slots. I know myself well enough that the chances I would get into Intel are slim to none because I have no work experience in intelligence and a non-technical degree. I think my best chance is at pilot slot because it does not need a technical degree (plus it is my preference).  What is the possibility I can get an application submitted to the upcoming unrestricted officer board for pilot, naval flight officer, surface warfare and supply on 15 Jan? 

Air Force:

The Air Force recruiter said that they would not honor my application. For rated positions (pilot, navigator and air battle manager) the age limit is 28 with a minimum GPA of 2.5. For non-rated positions (technical positions) the age limit is 35 with a minimum GPA of 3.0. She said my age disqualifies me for the rated position and on my GPA for non-rated positions and that no waivers would be entertained. I finished undergraduate with 2.87 however in the last seven years I have taken extra coursework and have an overall 3.48. Nevertheless, the recruiter said my improvement in grades and added coursework was irrelevant. Can the office get the recruiter to take my application for the rated board or non-rated board?
Marine Corps:

The Marine Corps recruiter said he would put in the age waiver if I could score a perfect score on the physical fitness test (100 situps, 20 pullups and 18:00 minute three-mile run). I will work on that in the meantime. The board meets in June 2012 and I have to see him by March 2012. No complaints or concerns on this end.


The Army will put together my package as soon as my three required recommendation letters and my transcripts with this semester’s grades are posted. The board meets in March. No complaints or concerns on this end. However this is my last choice.

Please let me know if you can once again help me in obtaining an officer commission. I will give you some time to digest the email and followup with you in the New Year. Happy Holidays.





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One response to “The Most Annoying Constituent

  1. Grover Mannings


    It was great to see you after all this time in New York City. Yes, I look a bit different after a few years enjoying myself drinking and partying in Costa Rica; but overall I think I’ve improved for the better.

    I’d encourage you to keep your aspirations to join one of the armed services tempered with a realistic backup plan.

    Point: You’re the only person I know who WANTS to join the service bad enough to annoy his congressperson, ask for age waivers, take additional courses, and train for physical fitness requirements.

    Counterpoint: The odds of getting selected are slim to none. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try; it just means be realistic.

    Point: You’ve got a pair of balls on you.

    Counterpoint: Even the biggest of balls get busted.

    Point: You need to catch a break to get your adult life moving ahead positively and productively.

    Counterpoint: If you’re not given a break, make a break of your own happen. Consider entrepreneurial activities.

    Point: The Navy might “accelerate your life”.

    Counterpoint: Don’t wait for someone else to believe in you. Believe in yourself first and you’ll know which way to go. The Navy won’t make you more of a man than you want to be.

    Good Luck and let’s have another beer sometime: next time I buy!

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