Spending the Holidays With An Accounting Textbook

Recently I have been hanging out with my accounting textbook. Actually I have not been bringing it everywhere because it is heavy so there are two schools a local community college and the university I go to that have them on reserve in the library. So I will go and borrow it for a two hour stint with the attempt of studying. But more like collapsing, snoring and drooling on top of it. And this is because everytime one of my friends see this book they always comment on how BIG the textbook is. It is the size of an organic chemistry, physics or hard science book.

I received a 91/100 on my last examination and a 93/100 on the first one. I complained that time and time again that my professor is a pushover and the reason he receives such high ratings on ratemyprofessor.com is because he waters it down by not comprehensively all the topics the other professors covers. He lets class a half-hour to an hour early and has missed several class sessions. Aug. 28 because of the hurricane Irene, once in September and Dec. 13th which he didn’t even show up to give the exam. He had another professor proctor the exam and didn’t have the next class session. Every time he misses a class it is actually two class sessions because the class meets once a week for two hours.

At the end of this semester I only have Mangerial Accounting, Advanced I, Advanced II and Auditing before I am allowed to sit for the certified public accountancy examination and have the title C.P.A. behind the word Dick.I will go days without talking to Renaldo and Felton who are both seriously dating their respective girlfriends. I used to mention with Felton that once your friends get married you will see them less. Marriage is almost like a committment that ends friendships with your guy friends because you don’t do guy things together. Felton used to have a friend he would go eat southern food, fried chicken and Chinese food with on weekends and now he is married he doesn’t see much of him anymore. Earlier this year one night in a bar Felton’s girlfriend asked me if was jealous that Felton was hanging out with this guy all the time. I replied with confidence that I have nothing to be worried about because once this person gets married he won’t have time for Felton. After this guy got married Felton said I was never more right. But now as my guy friends are seriously dating and spending time with their girlfriends. They may have talked about the possibility of moving in together they call and instant me less.

Mom is right about one thing that I need to also find a girlfriend (or wife). It is a natural progression in life because if you don’t the later years of your life get pretty unfulfilling and boring. Since most of your friends will be married with children.


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