Why Women Hate Dick? An Opt-Ed Article About Dick By Dick

Let’s face it there are actually a significant number of women who hate Dick. Why?

I recently made a comment to a girl on Facebook to which she responded almost immediately using her smartphone. I jokingly called her materialistic and attached to her phone because of her immediate response. She fired back and said I was being inappropriate recalling how I sent her a video of Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards volleyball scene from the movie Top Gun to her work email.

What I have learned in my years is that shyness and passiveness get you nowhere. Being outgoing and forward does get you somewhere. That somewhere may not always be where you want to be but is better than nowhere. There is an interesting clip from a show on VH1 a few years ago called the Pickup Artist where they take a bunch of dorky guys and get them to meet women. And the coach on the show sees a guy standing in the corner with a beer in his hand. “He is just like every guy in the room. He is standing there with a beer in his hand thinking that some girl will magically come up to him.” The coach also uses two terms on the show, peacock theory and a neg. The peacock theory is that women are attracted in guys who look uniquely different which explains why he wears World War II aviator googles to the bar. And the other term neg where a guy throw a line out that is somewhat insulting but playful to a girl.

What I think are men fall into two categories. There is a shy guy who never says anything for fear of offending women. Ask all women and they will say they think he’s a nice guy. (but none of them will date him or like him romantically or be attracted sexually to him) Then there is the outgoing guy. Women will either really like him and throw themselves at him. Or hate him. That is me. Sometimes I cross the line and offend women. But I’ve noticed that when women are drunk they tend to like me more. Women who would never talk to me (and I mean never) would touch and flirt with me.

There is an old saying that goes. Never argue with a woman because she is always right. I think my best quality is that if you tell me something bad about me. I don’t get infuriated. For example my coworker said I am obsessed with money. If I said that to my coworkers they would be on the defensive. “Oh I don’t care about money!” However I ask them if they would take a job for a salary less than what they make now. And then you see the look on their face. The truth is the only thing keeping my coworkers at their job is the money. But I won’t be defensive, his criticism is right. I am obsessed with money. I can’t help but to think if I had more money I’d definitely be banging girls left and right. The problem is I want someone intelligent and hot to spend my money.

Call it tough love if you will. Is Dick justified in pointing out flaws in women to make them better people?


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One response to “Why Women Hate Dick? An Opt-Ed Article About Dick By Dick

  1. Grover Mannings

    ..well, the answer to whether or not pointing out flaws is helpful really depends on your bottom line. Are you speaking up in order to get a date? Or, are you enlightening women just to be an A**hole?

    I would agree that the “neg” technique occasionally works. There are many scenes in movies where the protagonist character meets his or her eventual partner as a direct result of a negative introduction. In “Eat, Pray,Love”, the main character played by Julia Roberts eventually meets her soul mate (played by Javier Bardem) after crashing into his car while bike riding around Bali. At first she yells at him for his poor driving. Later, however, they bump into each other at a party and the rest, as they say, is history. Negs are meant to show that you care enough to comment, but not as much to be more polite because you’re ultra confident and full of yourself, something women tend to gravitate towards.

    On the other hand, if you’re just making comments to be an a**hole, I’d reevaluate your goals. If you truly act like a jerk to women, eventually it will come back and bite you in the ass. You never know: you could be having a great talk with a pretty girl at a bar one night, thinking you might get a date out of it. Suddenly, her best friend walks in the door to have a drink. This usually wouldn’t be anything to worry about, except you told the best friend a week earlier at a lunch counter that her breath stinks and she needs to shower more often. Whoops, there goes that date! 🙂

    That scenario aside, confidence is always plus. Learn to showoff without showing off and you’ll get the attention you desire. I wouldn’t go as far as to wear World War 2 memorabilia into bars where every once is dressed “normally”; but it can never hurt to distinguish yourself in a big crowd.

    Personally, I think Dick isn’t lacking in the communication department. He just needs to learn to convey his feelings of attraction in a confident, pleasing manner. Dick might be great about talking about life, family, and friends, but that won’t get a girl into bed. Dick needs to learn how to flirt and get what he wants out of an encounter with a female he’d like to date.


    Grover Mannings

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