Who Should Be The Dickwatch Person of the Year?

Every year TIME Magazine has a nomination for the person of the year. This year Dick will feature the Dickwatch Person of the Year. Who do you think should win this award? In years past Dickwatch person of year winners have all been male.

In 2003 Dick’s roommate from that college won the award for losing an entire dorm room of Dick’s belongings.

In 2004 Dick’s associate deans of that college won the award and got a bottle of wine and Dick’s diploma refusal.

In 2005 Shonna Bertechelli, Dick’s former boss at the gym and ultra marathon runner received it for hiring Dick back to fold towels and empty women’s tampon bins at the health club.

It should be noteworthy that this year my nominations for this coveted slot are actually all women (I mean there is one guy, but he is considered by many to be feminine and gay)

And the nominees are (drum roll please………)

Madie Meyerowitz, Daryl White and Dick’s boss at work. For those of you who missed it.

Madie Meyerowitz is a girl who looks like the slimmer version of the singer Kesha. One of only two women this year who met the sweetest sixteen requirements. She moved to an apartment in Brooklyn and offered Dick the opportunity to be the third roommate but later backed out.

Daryl White convinced Dick to take do programming and accounting at the same time. One other person attempted this in his class and dropped accounting in three weeks. Dick managed to get straight A’s then landed a job at Daryl’s company only to watch him leave my second week there.

Dick’s boss is a six figure earning professional services manager who is the most valued employee at the startup. A person whom Dick respects She is very competent and manages her team and client’s expectations, mentors her employees and is competent. She has a take no-s**t attitude and may come off a bit intimidating at times. And as some of my male coworkers have said: “I am afraid of this person.” For everyone who says you need college and a technical degree should take her as an example, no college, five years in military information technology. She was the reason I got through the six months there without Daryl.

Please email me comments or post them down here. I’m still debating what award this person will get?



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3 responses to “Who Should Be The Dickwatch Person of the Year?

  1. Grover Mannings

    Here are my nominations:

    1. Boss who reamed out Daryl Sklady from Dickwatch.com’s only redacted post from the prior season (Hint: remarks about Daryl’s differently-abled brother).

    2. Daryl Sklady – gets Dick a job, Dick then gets fired for an unprecedented third time.

    3. Dick himself.

    4. Madie Meyerowitz – she sounds cute 🙂

    5. Dick’s computer science teacher.

    6. Dick’s unemployment counselor.


    Grover Mannings

  2. zed

    I have yet to figure out what dicks’s boss did to deserve anything she got. your admiration of her only goes to show how naive you are about what u did at your former job. this woman hired u to do a job she knew you were not competent for. this makes her amazing how? she consistently covered up mistakes for the under performers most notably daryl, which only exacerbated the problems at this company. a good manager identifies the poor performer and cuts them loose, not coddle them until the company is on its death bed.

    • I would have to disagree. My admiration of her was because she always was open to receptive to helping me. She was the most senior and knew more than most employees there. I could not say the same for other employees who gave off an attitude that they simply either did not want to help me because I was taking away from their time, or explained how to fix the problem but not the purpose and underlying causes. She was able to mentor other employees and manage client’s and executive’s expectations on multiple accounts. I believe your opinion of her is a minority opinion. You must of hated every employee there. Is there anyone you respected (other than yourself of course)?
      As for Daryl. If you call staying late at work underperforming. Daryl may not been productive but he was willing to stay late and work weekends. Poor performance is defined as those who complete work incorrectly even after training and who drain company resources when doing work. At an exempt from overtime job, Daryl completed work correctly even though it took him a long time and he was not a drain on resources. He only drained himself. That is why we are given a key card and 24 hour access to the building, because it is expected that we may have to work late and on weekends.

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