Not Studying or Job Searching But Occupying Wall Street

This week was the second week my mother stopped working at the long-term care nursing facility. So most mornings I leave like I am going to work. I should be studying for that one accounting class, looking for work and getting odds and ends squared away. However in reality I have not done much studying, job searching or getting odds and ends squared away. Everytime I attempt to study I end up passing out on the textbook.

But I am studying just enough so that I can just enough to skate by in class. (currently I have an A) This shouldn’t be hard because my professor dumbs down intermediate accounting 2. Last Sunday we had an examination and some girl started to cry before the exam even started. Being the mean bastard I am to women I felt like telling her, seriously just shut the f**k up, quit sobbing and take the test. I though the examination was too easy. He did not even cover revenue recognition for construction, available for sale, trading and hold to maturity securities (which the other section did) and although he went over the Allowance to Reduce Deferred Tax Asset to Net Realizable Value (and other allowance accounts) he didn’t ask them on the exam.

So what I have been doing is the following:

* tutoring my friend in computer related mathematics such as truth tables and number bases

* surfing the net and reading about the Occupy Wall Street movement which has become center stage after Tuesday morning’s raid on Zuccotti Park.

* dropping by the Occupy Wall Street protests and looking for a random sign that interests me and talking to people.

There is actually a wealth of information down there. Periodically you have your crazy person. But when a crazy person tries to talk the crowd gets him/her to shut up. I’m sure those people who have jobs will say to me like former Mayor Guiliani did: “Get a job and quit complaining.” I would like to say most of my friends are employed either because 1.) they are in engineering, programming or technology which are highly sought after fields 2.) they are in jobs that are union protected or collective bargaining agreements. Certainly without mentioning any names there are people out there who are gainfully employed and never lost their job and less competent than I. In addition I have a unique situation which may one day get me a sob story on CNN. I have lost my job three times since 2008 in three different fields.

What is interesting is that there are actually a lot of educated, smart people down there. Many who are way smarter than the people who are gainfully employed, bored and reading this blog at work. (yes I have had people admit to me they check my blog everyday during working hours) Some of the issues they are protesting are ones I am well versed about. Some students are so bogged down in debt they can not afford to finish college and when they do they can’t find work. The stock market is so violatile that their retirement savings is uncertain. Our country spent billions in Iraq a country where there were no weapons of mass destruction and little definitive proof of al-Qaeda when this money could be spent on education. The last 30 years has seen a threefold increase in the net worth of the richest 1%. I also learned about how our foreign policy funds Israel to create their independent state while forcing Islamic countries into poverty.

However I think most of us underestimated that this movement would spread to 87 countries and thousands of cities. I found out early Tuesday morning at around 8am that just a few hours before Mayor Bloomberg ordered a raid on Zucotti Park and the police suppressed the press from taking photos or cameras and destroyed everyone’s belongings. Now the park is closed.


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  1. Grover Mannings

    Dick, this is Grover Mannings reporting from Charleston, South Carolina, on assignment. There is no “OWS” movement here, although this town is nestled in the south and much different from the more cosmopolitan New York City.

    Personally, I have come around to the idea behind the protests: that 99% of the world scavenges for food and regularly gets sh@t on by 1% that owns all the land, free markets, and major corporations. That said, I think these people would be better served looking for work instead of banging on drums and destroying Zuccotti park; which is private property and not shanty town. Surrounding small restaurants and stores have lost thousands of dollars in business because most of the general public won’t get near the protests unless absolutely necessary. Furthermore, would you keep the door to your tortilla y sopa Mexican restaurant open if hundreds of non-paying “customers” came in looking only for a place to take a dump?

    As I said in a previous comment, if you really want to hurt the richest 1%, take your money out of Bank of America; close your 401K at Scottrade; stop eating fast food (McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, etc.), start walking to work, and start making sound financial decisions. You can hurt the top 1% where it really counts: in their wallets.

    Still, I will stipulate to the protestors that a college education is far too expensive. Moreover, I’d venture to say that student loan debt – and the whole “debt” game in general – is a form of slavery that punishes people for wanting to improve themselves. Attending “that college” now costs in excess of $53,000 USD per year! At that price, my parents would have never sent me to “that school”. At the time I had 3 other brothers that needed to be educated, too. Therefore, it would have been state school for Grover, which in reality probably would not have made a big difference (other than the fact that the women at “that college” were pretty damn HOT). 🙂

    I’m lucky to have no debt except for credit card bills that are easily covered by my income. That makes a big difference. As a result, I’ve built up a significant savings and series of investments that have maintained their value despite the hard economic times. To be clear, I’ve also lost a ton of money to dumb ideas, gambling, entertainment and alcohol (I’m Irish), and crooks/scammers (this figure is north of $15,000 for perspective).

    There’s no such thing as a free lunch and it will always be that way until the game is fundamentally changed.

    Dick you need to come up with the next big idea that will revolutionize society, something on the scale of No pressure. 🙂

    Seriously, think outside of the box and try not to be a professional student into your 40’s.

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