Is Dick The Next Captain America?

Most recently I have been spending time at a community college trying to catch up on Intermediate Accounting 2 (which is undoubtedly as most people agree the hardest course in the sequence to become a certified public accountant). Nothing is worse than reading the chapter and not being able to do any of the homework problems. I even went online to find the solution manual but don’t know whow they arrived at the answer. Then I go to class and the teacher shows the steps. But when I go home I sit there with a blank piece of paper and can’t reproduce the work to arrive at the answer.

I also have been tutoring one of my neighbor’s friends from the Bronx who goes to that community college. I know him because last semester I helped him and my neighbor with remedial algebra. This semester this person is taking a class in truth tables and number bases. Last Thursday while waiting for him I went over to a table set up by students who are former veterans to try on the Kevlar metal armor plates that soldiers used in Iraq and Afghanistan. The armor vest with plates is about 35 pounds. And one of the guys told me he was also a medic so he had to carry a first aid kit and additional equipment making him an additional 70 pounds. I asked him how he runs in this crap…And he laughed jokingly, trust me when you are getting shot at you’ll run as fast as you need to.

I also had a brief discussion with one veteran applied for Hunter College and was rejected for admission. Hunter is one of only several public liberal arts four year colleges in the City of University School system and the only one in Manhattan. This fall the school only admitted 30% of it’s applicants and the SAT score was 1198 median. It’s ironic I explained to him how I am trying to get into the military and he just got out. And he is trying to get into the school that I don’t even want to go to.

An older man who overheard my conversation  handed me his business card and asked if I’d be interested in joining a militia. My first thought is he’s trying to get me to join an organization to overthrow the federal government. But his business card says he’s a psychotherapist. I’m thinking back to this trailer of a movie I have never seen.

This was the trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Trailer. In case you missed the movie..I know at least one of my readers is an aspiring military officer also and has actually seen the movie itself. But for those of you who have not, Steve Rogers was a military reject until some one gives him the chance to participate in a government experiment to make him a super soldier.



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  1. Grover Mannings

    Dick I wouldn’t recommend joining a militia or para-military group. They often brain wash their members into believing extreme political ideologies, while at the same time training you as a soldier for some eventual confrontation with a rival group (or government).

    The fact that the guy is a psychotherapist sets off alarm bells. I have no doubt he uses skills gleaned from learning psychotherapy to mold candidates into the soldiers he needs. Often these groups ask you to hand over a significant portion of whatever income stream you have to pay for base camp, armor, guns, ammo, and training. Eventually you begin to act as a collective and have little say in what the group does.

    Ruby Ridge is a famous incident from the mid 1990s involving a well armed sect of dissidents:

    The siege in Waco Texas of the Branch Davidian compound also conjures up thoughts of mindless zombies doing the will of a crazed leader:

    You’re better served getting a real job or joining the New York National Guard.

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