Why Am I Still Single? XXAnthem.com

Renaldo and I met some girl at Whiskey Ward in Manhattan’s Lower East Side this weekend and her friends have this idea. They have two friends (one guy and one girl) who have a bet going. Who can sleep with a person from each borough before the other.  Before this story continues my first impression is “Slutty”

But they want to develop this idea into a website where guys can type in something a girl says and get what she really is trying to say. For example: You ask a girl out and she says. I’m sorry I can’t do this tomorrow, Tuesday, next Thursday or next weekend. Translation: I really actually don’t want to go out with you. She wants to call this website www.xxanthem.com

I actually told her to come to this blog because I have my own list of requirements and sometimes offer advice from a male perspective for women. There is a television show on VH1 whyamistillsingle.vh1.com. And I think some of my readers can learn some stuff from this show.


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  1. Grover Mannings

    It’s a novel idea and might have potential, but the trick would be marketing the site in a cost efficient manner. My recommendation would be viral marketing, since this requires almost zero dollars to begin and is ideal for start-up companies. It’s largely a process of trial and error, however once you get the right story buzzing on the web in the right places, traffic will flow in by the thousands.

    Your friend should also consider ways to monetize the site: AdultFriendFinder.com (Medley.com) ads, Google Adsense, or dating services would be ideal for the type of people that would visit this type of site. Money would be needed to fund IT costs and developers.

    Regarding your friend’s wager: it’s a cute idea but probably not the type of thing that results in a lasting relationship. Based on your “Sweet 16” requirements, you’re looking for someone for a long term relationship, not a one night stand of disinterested sex.

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