Disenfranchised With Our Government

Today after two weeks my congressman’s staff member and her staff have decided to back down from helping Dick . You see two weeks ago,  I showed her the definitive proof that it was an administrative error on the Navy’s part she effectively decided not pursue my case further. I asked to speak to her superiors and she got defensive passing the buck instead to senators Chuck Schumer and Kristen Gillenbrand.

I truly believe that most politicians (congressmen alike) get involved first only if gives them a positive image. But when it comes to getting involved in something that could possibly jeopardize their reputation or chances for re-election they would rather leave it alone and sweep the issue under the rug.  The example that I cite from my own life is that in February of this year my congressman wrote Naval Recruiting Command and they said that my application was not looked at because it “required clarification and correction” I asked my congressman and my recruiter to elaborate on this and no response was given. However the higher ups did promise that my application would be looked at in April 2011. When the board was cancelled they promised again it was looked at in August 2011. When I didn’t hear from Naval Recruiting Command or my recruiter I did research on my own. My congressman now knows the definitive truth after I presented her proof that my application was not looked it. And I want answers, however this congressman has backed down from helping me.

Recently I read about Harry Lew, a Marine Corps soldier who committed suicide in Afghanistan. Too bad though her aunt is Congressman Chu who has ordered an investigation into the death of her nephew. She attributed his death to hazing of comrades and that this may be commonplace because Asians make up such a small percentage of the military. But also to the lack of officers in the military who are Asian. If this had been another soldier she would not have gotten personally involved and let it slide.

Other examples of problems that our leaders are not addressing are the debt ceiling, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the violence in Syria, and municipal pension costs. But I have also been reading up on websites which claim that 9/11 was an inside job to get us to go to war in the Middle East for oil, or how the CIA left POWs in Vietnam after the fall of Saigon. I am really disappointed with the way our government is headed. And sometimes I don’t think I can stand to live and grow old with the fact that there will be no retirement benefits social security, pensions for my generation and those of our children.

Not surprisingly most people are out there for their own personal interests. An old saying goes “be yourself.” As one of my coworkers said at my last job “Your biggest problem is you give a s**t.” And certainly giving a s**t does not pay the bills.



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2 responses to “Disenfranchised With Our Government

  1. Grover Mannings

    It’s a difficult to be in a situation where on one hand you need the government to help you but on the other you have to call them out on an obvious blunder. The paperwork was clearly screwed up and they don’t care to fix it. That’s the problem with Washington DC these days: plenty of blame to go around yet no one willing to take responsibility and make things right.

    According to recent CNN news Chuck Schumer is likely unavailable to help with your application. Schumer has been busy criticizing the Congressional Super Committee on deficit reduction and begging its Democratic members to take a stand against the Republicans.

    Personally I think the whole concept of a “Super Committee” is typical of how inefficient government operates. Instead of just fixing the problem or hashing out a compromise, they pick another group of people to argue about the same things and waste more time.

    At least there is still some semblance of moral decency left based on your report that the recent suicide of an Asian marine corps member will be investigated. This might lead to further exposure of hazing and bullying against members of our military of Asian heritage. Quite frankly this problem is disturbing and very disappointing. I wouldn’t be “Army Proud” if someone in my platoon jumped off a bridge or ate his gun for lunch.

    Rumors of 911 conspiracies are rife across the internet. Although on the surface they seem plausible, the reality is that we have to accept what happened as reported: 20 Islamic Fundamentalist lunatics got on 4 planes, hijacked them, and then crashed them into various American monuments. Sometimes it’s easier to believe in conspiracies than the truth.

    • The death of Marine Harry Lew is only being investigated because her aunt is Judy Chu (D-CA) is a Congresswoman. If these Marines messed with the wrong person it was him. Danny Chen of the Army of course won’t get anyone’s help, he’s like me not connected.

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