Medically Disqualified from NYPD

Today I showed up at 1 Lefrak City Plaza which is the Applicant Processing Division for the NYPD in Rego Park, Queens. The last time I tried this I showed up ten minutes late and got sent home (October 18th) so this time I made sure to sleep over at Gaylord’s apartment in Rego Park. Waking up at 5:30 am I slapped on a suit and walked over to the plaza.

The line was considerably long even when I got there around 6:15 am. They pile you in and get the first taste of military/police environment, no talking, sit up straight at attention, and try to not draw attention to yourself by filling out your forms correctly with attention to detail. Otherwise the police officer will give you extra attention.

New York City police officers must be able to have 20/100 uncorrected vision in case they ever get into a scuffle and lose their glasses. To add injury to insult he also told me I need a better prescription on my glasses. I see close to 20/20…but not exactly 20/20. So for someone who scored a 100 and ranked 177/5XXX I am under medical review. And I will be disqualified unless I get LASIK eye surgery.

As one of my friends says. I don’t see you as a military or police officer. Why don’t you get a technicial job something with numbers. So I guess I’m not going to be Johnny Depp or Peter DeLuise, or Holly Robinson (the first black woman celebrity I had a crush on when I was a child watching this show in the 80s)  from 21 Jumpstreet.


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  1. Grover Mannings


    I can assure you being a cop in NYC is nothing like what they portray on TV, especially on shows targeted towards younger viewers like “21 Jump Street”.

    It is unfortunate that you were medically disqualified. It’s also surprising considering the fact that you ranked in the top 5% of all candidates applying to be police officers. You would think NYC needs a “Few Good Men”.

    Ever since I clicked the “21 Jump Street” link I’ve had the show’s theme song stuck in my head. According to various comments on, the theme was sung by Holly Robinson who also starred as Judy on the show.

    And yes, she’s definitely “hot chocolate”. I would even argue someone like her meets or exceeds Dick’s “Sweetest Sixteen Requirements”:

    1. Attractive.
    2. Very intelligent (Actress – Singer – Producer).
    3. Runner-up on Celebrity Apprentice 2010 to Brett Michaels.
    4. Independent.
    5. Gives to many charities. In fact, she gave over $100K to charity during the course of Celebrity Apprentice.
    6. Likes dogs.
    7. Family centered.

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