Two Shows About Dick

Due to customer feedback which has come in the form of insults and threats about how Dick likes to get involved in other people’s lives. Here is a posting about Dick.

There are two shows on television To Catch a Predator which features Chris Hansen trying to set up shop to catch men who prey on underage women online. And Hoarding: Buried Alive which shows people with hoarding problems. I think these shows summarize which if I predict correctly what I will become one day.

Understandably people who know me know I f**king hate garbage. Because if I get something I will use it and hold onto it until I find an opportunity to recycle it. A few years ago I went to see a therapist and she said that I did not have a hoarding problem. She says those people feel an attachment to their belongings and you don’t.

The other show is To Catch A Predator. As I get older. When I was working at the Census Bureau one of my colleagues who was in his fifties said once. “You get older but one thing doesn’t change. The women you like get younger.”


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  1. Grover Mannings

    A. Dick is not a hoarder.

    I tend to hoard things. I save 5 year old Christmas greeting cards or birthday notes from loved ones. I know from observing Dick’s habits in college that he keeps his living space neat and recycles things he does not want. [b]If you’ve lived in rent controlled housing for 30+ years you know what sh*t you need and what sh*t goes out the door. [/b]

    B. Dick is not a sexual predator.

    In “that college” Dick swooned about his hot neighbor who was actually older than him. He also reported crushes on a number of women that were close in age. Eli**** Sk********* is another good example.

    The guy at the Census bureau was making a generalization. Many older guys [50]+ love to look at 20ish women because it reminds them of their younger days. Further, let’s be honest: women look their best between 18-35. Anyone older who looks doable is likely a celebrity with an entourage of personal trainers, stylists, and diet coaches to keep them fit. There are exceptions of course, but let’s stick to the mean areas of the bell curve.

    Visit any strip club or brothel and this hypothesis will be confirmed. Sure, there might be a few 20ish guys sipping Coca Cola and throwing $1 dollar bills on stage because they are too cheap to buy the minimum required alcoholic drink. By and large, however, you’ll see 35+ year old guys and even a few geezers getting lap dances and trips to the champagne room.

    [b]When was the last time guys went to a nursing home to look at hot chicks?[/b] Grover rests his case 🙂

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