Getting The Most Out of Every Employee (Including Dick)

I offer help to people sometimes. And in all seriousness I wish they would use it. sometimes it is an attractive girl (don’t worry I promise I won’t try to sleep with you) On Friday someone from my workplace called me up with a question about a client I used to deal with. I don’t mind helping out a fellow coworker because I wouldn’t want him to spend hours on something that I could get him up to speed in minutes. So I impart as much knowledge as I could to him but pointed him to another coworker who could provide more insight. He told me that he had emailed this employee first and apparently this employee is out of the office.

Also I recently spoke with a coworker who is still at the company and he alleges that staff morale is down and people have been leaving early. This is easily understood especially after a huge layoff. However I feel sometimes I need to go and give some of my in-our-face therapy. This therapy includes if the company was nice enough to keep you they probably felt your contribution was necessary for the success of the company. And if this company pays you a six figure salary they don’t expect you to work 10am-5pm. I expect you to work till you fall asleep at your desk and then wake up and work some more.

This is why I volunteered to work some weekends when I worked there. If you’re going to pay me….you might as well get the most out of me. And I felt the company was not getting the most out of me. Trust me I would tell you if I thought I was overworked I would send out subliminal messages that you were overworking me. (i.e. me submitting a timesheet at my last job with overtime)

On Saturday during the northeastern storm on Halloween weekend, one of my friends called me during his Halloween party to alert me that my former coworker was at this Halloween party. After a huge layoff…. one of the things you don’t do is take a vacation. Rather you should be busting your ass to get stuff working, putting out fires. The company’s hard-earned dollars do not pay you to vacation when the company is in tumultuous times.



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3 responses to “Getting The Most Out of Every Employee (Including Dick)

  1. Grover Mannings

    Hi Dick,

    Are you talking about the tech job with the finance firm (where Daryl Sklady used to work) or just jobs in general?

    It’s a good idea to volunteer your time in order to move up the ladder, but make sure your sacrifices will be rewarded.

    All too often many managers will simply abuse an employee that goes the extra mile in the name of saving money or getting more for their dollar. Work is a contractual relationship. Keep it that way.

    Save volunteering for charitable work.

    • I am speaking to both the job at a technology firm that writes software for high-frequency trading firm and jobs in general. I believe most people (myself included) were overpaid. The work was not evenly distributed, some were overworked and some overworked. I tried to level the playing field by volunteering for additional tasks. You see it as volunteering my time and I see it as a requirement because it comes with the territory when anyone is paid that much money. But you bring up a good point, make sure your sacrifices will be rewarded. I hardly got rewarded, I got fired. (for the third time in three years)

  2. get off your high horse already, don’t give me this shit about working hard, and busting your ass. You never tried hard, you never tried to learn the product, or maybe you were too stupid to understand the product. You constantly asked the same questions over and over again, and not once were you able to figure out a problem on your own. worked on the weekends you say? doing what? your job consisted of monitoring an email address, send a generic reply to that email and then find someone to answer the question…oh yeh, and these issues, hardly ever came in on the weekends, so what exactly was it that you were doing on your weekends? learning the product? it never showed. learning how to navigate a linux environment? yeh that didn’t happen either. you did your 9-5, took your 1 hour lunch (and left the phone unattended) and goofed off. thats why you got fired.

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