A Night Out With Our Calvin Klein Model

Tonight I went over to one of my friend’s place to study accounting. Instead he fell asleep with his girlfriend and I got roped in my his roommate, Colton to go out and meet one of his friends who is an accountant.

My friend once told me one night Colton and him were  looking at Facebook friends and Colton said he wish he had friends like mine. I reiterate time and time again the problem is all these women have one of the following in common:

1. women who wouldn’t hang out, date,  sleep with me because they are in long term relationships, married or live in boyfriends.

2. women I wouldn’t sleep with because they have a combined IQ of 6 (six) and bring nothing to the table, contribute nothing, and liabilities that I constantly had to spend money on.

So we went out to a bar called Hi-Fi (a bar on Avenue A) and both had a scotch with soda before his accountant friend showed up. She showed up with a couple, (black woman, Hispanic man) and a corporate lawyer dressed as a lion tamer. We stayed a short while at Hi-Fi.

We went to the R-Bar on Bowery and Rivington where we danced a short while. I usually make it a point not to hit on our corporat lawyer with a child. However she was very attractive, very into herself playing with her hair in the mirror.

The problem is my mind is always elsewhere. Someone once said if you really wanted to you could get laid. My mind is on accounting class. What frustrates me is I am unable to do the homework. I looked online for the solution key but was unable to figure out how they even arrived at the answer. Then when I went to class my professor shows the answers…and yet I still can’t for the life of me do it from scratch on a blank piece of paper.

I’m not going to lie. I enjoyed my night out with Colton. But I’ll remember one thing. I need to lock myself into a room and throw away the key to get this accounting done.


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