The Asian (and Black) Girl of My Dreams

Colton asked me while sitting over falafel and bar-hopping in the West Village on Sunday morning to post this entry. Many of my readers would say I am white washed even though I don’t listen to Pink Floyd and Modest Mouse music.

He decided he wanted to play ping-pong at the Fat Cat on Christopher street. But when we realized it was going to be a few hours wait we went bar hopping.  At this bar Diablo, two girls one Asian and Hispanic showed up shortly after we did. on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I’m not usually into Asian girls. Why? Well first it is a law of numbers. New York City is mostly a city of white people. And even though I live in Chinatown.  I like the opposite of your status quo Asian woman. I like them tall,  not demure, assertive, non-FOB (fresh off boat) and preferably not in the traditional Asian occupations (accounting, finance, technology, nail salon or dry cleaner, produce market or food service)

I could totally see myself dating someone like this and even if she didn’t date me I’d pay her money just to have her pose as my girlfriend just so I can bring her home to my mother and to spite Daryl Sladky, our favorite technology guy and aspiring Abercrombie paper bag model.

My friends can say I also am gay and don’t like black women. But I think Keri Hilson is a 12/10. And those who know me, know I don’t even give out 10s. Why? Because she is a confident, educated, non ghetto, non bootylicious black woman. 

In any case I’m probably going to think about this Asian girl all day Sunday.


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One response to “The Asian (and Black) Girl of My Dreams

  1. Grover Mannings

    Stop slappin’ it and start rappin’ it with that beautiful African goddess.

    Otherwise – Yawn – it’s another entry about Dick seeing some hot girl and then spanking his monkey the next day.

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