Not All Asian People Are Doctors, Accountants or Techies (Some Just Lie About It)

When I finished college (and refused my diploma) I spent two years working as a receptionist at a health club. One of my co workers came to me one day because he saw his colleague pretend to be skydiving in the group fitness area. This colleague claimed he was a Gulf War veteran of the first war. He was not much older than myself (I was 23-24 at the time). I was able to go see his passport and he was in fact only 28 years old at the time.  The Gulf War happened in 1990-1991 meaning he fought in the war at the age of 15. Now unless he fought on the side of the Iraqis I highly doubt he fought in the war.

This reminds me of what i believe is the most well known case of a prominent figure whom lied about her educational credentials.

Someone I know claims he is studying to be a radiologist. I usually roll my eyes when I hear an Asian person studying to be in the medical, accounting or technical fields (computer science, engineering or IT). Strangely enough I never hear this person talk about his classes, studies or anything within the vicinity of me. However when I ask his friends, they vehemently defend this person. One of my friends says I shouldn’t spend too much time thinking about. (and trust me I didn’t it took me ten minutes to come up with a definitive proof) This person has in fact simply only gone to a community college.

I think the most disappointing part is that this person has lied to his friends and girlfriend, and they hold their trust in him. And their friends have united against me to defend him. But the truth is being as resourceful as I am I was able to obtain verification of their schooling and enrollment status. It’s rather disappointing to tell you the truth. That people have to lie to their significant other (husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend), their friends in order to make people like them.

This person’s girlfriend (whom hates me also) is convinced that I am the enemy and even threatened to inflict personal injury upon me. Are they entitled to know the truth?

For me it is different. I speak nothing to my mother about what I studied in school or what I do for work. When I went to a no-name liberal arts school to major in being a tree hugger. My mother told her coworkers I went to a military academy. When the truth was she didn’t want me to go. That was my first lesson. During my time with the federal government as a census employee I spoke nothing about it. Until one day an Asian girl came to my door because I had not sent back my own household’s census form. I told my mother not to fill it out because it was a ploy to weed out people who were defrauding the food stamp and social security system. The girl claimed that she worked at the Census Bureau with me.

Of course when I came home my mother confronted me with this allegation I still denied working with the agency. I said that girl is a crazy person whom I declined to date and she was stalking me. Why do I refuse to tell my mother what I do. Simple.  If I am not a doctor, accountant or technical person I don’t talk about it. And I refuse to say that I am and lie about it.



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3 responses to “Not All Asian People Are Doctors, Accountants or Techies (Some Just Lie About It)

  1. Grover Mannings

    As usual, Dick is being very hard on himself.

    There’s no shame in NOT being a Doctor, IT administrator, or accountant. In fact, one could argue America’s accountants are a bunch of helpless idiots after the financial crisis of 2008. My bet is there were plenty of Asians working at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and guess what: now they’re out of a job during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

    Dick’s negative self perception is due in part to common Asian stereotypes in America. As immigrants – like Dick’s parents – assimilated into the USA population they began to “learn the system”: work your ass off, go to a top school, take on a distinguished profession, and live the high life never looking back. Instead of spending money on a new jet ski like their white neighbors, Asians would put money aside for their child’s college education or for tuition at a top private high school. Asians have rightly seen the educational system as a means to achieve a better life and they have used it successfully in America for years now.

    The problem lies with the sub-culture of perfectionism and high expectations that has developed in the Asian community as a result of thinking that every other Asian is pulling in six figures as a neurosurgeon. Parents ask themselves, why can’t my son or daughter do that? My next door neighbor’s kids are attending Yale. Why can’t my child do the same?

    Accordingly, some Asian parents are disappointed when their children are not succeeding at the highest levels of society. In reality, it’s not that their children are failing, it’s that their own pride and need to live vicariously through their offspring gets in the way. Many people from all ethnic backgrounds are successful at careers that don’t require alphabet soup after their name.

    Clearly there is something short circuiting in American society when people are zealously lying about themselves to impress others. Yes, everyone embellishes a story now and then, but to say you have a Ph.d from Harvard when in reality you’re taking classes at the local community college is evidence of unrealistic expectations people have for each other.

    As in the article Dick cites above, it all comes down to integrity. There are Asian doctors that steal. There are Asian accountants that fudge numbers. There are Asian techies who are clueless. On the other hand, there are honest Asian electricians, teachers, and para-legals who would never think to cheat their way through life by trumping up their own achievements with blatant lies.

    Dick, you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd. You’re over 30 years old. It’s time to put your parents’ expectations to bed and figure out what would really make you happy.

    FYI…. Here are jobs that pay well that don’t even require a college education. Source:

    Average Rotary Drill Operator: $59,560
    Top 10% Rotary Drill Operator: $89,100

    Average Petroleum Pump Systems Operator: $56,990
    Top 10% Petroleum Pump Systems Operators: $78,020

    Average Elevator Installer: $67,950
    Top 10% Elevator Installer: $98,190

    Not bad…

  2. Anonymous

    I guess I can understand that it helps you feel better about yourself to publicly say that your friend is lying just because your degree didn’t help you amount to anything (your still living at home, in the projects, with your mother and to top it all off, you’ve never had a girlfriend nor have you gotten laid.) You really are the epitome of loser-dom, but that doesn’t give you the right to spread lies about others. Unfortunately, your friend Grover is enabling this behavior and is not much help towards your personal growth.

  3. As I said time and time before. If this person can furnish proof that is contrary to what I posted then I will offer a public apology.

    Nevertheless, the anonymous comment brings up a very good point. I am still living at home with mom, in the projects and never had a girlfriend or gotten laid. I am the epitome of loser-dom which is the whole reason for this blog,

    The epitome of a loser is certainly not due to lack of effort. I actually managed to be laid off three times since 2008 for lack of work or funding. There are less competent people amongst our colleagues who are still employed.

    I applied to hundreds of city and federal government jobs where I am rated qualified but not among the most highly qualified candidates (i.e. I’m not a veteran, a permanent employee etc.) I took a firefighter test administered in 2007, but the results were invalidated by a federal judge who ruled that it discriminated against African-American and Hispanic candidates.

    I applied for the Navy, not once but twice and even wrote my congressman who got in touch with the same people who investigated the death of Pat Tillman to look into my application.

    I am in the medical round for the police officer for which there may not even be an academy class in January.

    This is all the while actually coming in evenings a few days a week for free at the high frequency trading software firm I worked at previously to prove I could work in technology and finance.

    As a renowned Jewish therapist would put it. “I can’t say this is completely your fault. You certainly need therapy but these circumstances were out of your control.” As a veteran of the first Gulf War put it best: “I like how whereas most people are trying to get out of the military you are trying to get in.”

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