Passive AZN People

My mother was disgusted with this video and I said to her…well you always said if I see something criminal or wrong in nature I should mind my own business. Well that is exactly what these Asian people did.


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  1. Grover Mannings

    That video is indeed EXTREMELY disturbing and disgusting; however these types of scenes are common to many countries and ethnic groups, including the USA. There are a couple issues that might explain why people don’t run in to help:

    1) The murder of Kitty Genovese occurred in New York in 1964.

    She was stabbed to death in plain earshot of dozens of neighbors. At the time, investigating psychologists were perplexed as to why no one came to her aid. It turns out their indifference was due to the “bystander effect”, a documented psychological condition that prevents people from involving themselves in an emergency because they diffuse responsibility for acting to others at the scene. In other words, they’re thinking: “I could act, but there are 20 others around. One of them might help instead”. So they just pass by, look on, or hear what’s happening and do nothing, waiting for someone else to act first.

    2) Good Samaritan lawsuits and legal liability. It might come as a surprise to many people that being a “Good Samaritan” and getting involved in an accident scene, fight, or other emergency event can actually lead to lawsuits and financial liability.

    Suppose someone has crashed their car into a highway barrier. “Johnny on the spot” runs over to help the victim just as the hood ignites in a conflagration. Johnny grabs the victim through the car window and drags him out, saving his life. In the course of doing so, however, he gave the accident victim a potentially life-threatening laceration across his neck. In some countries – including the USA and China – Johnny could be sued for his good deed, because it caused further harm to the victim.

    Tort reform is required for these types of legal situations. Additionally, “Ambulance Chasing” attorneys that represent accident victims in order to win financial compensation need to be reeled in because they are scaring the public away from doing the right thing. Would you help someone who has just had a car accident if you knew that you could be held liable for your actions? Most people would not.

    The takeaway: if something happens, help out. In most cases your actions will be appreciated. My guess is that only a small percentage of accident victims actually sue the person that saved them, although this has definitely happened before; enough that is, to make many think twice before doing the right thing.

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