Military Abuse of Asian People in the Military

My mother mentioned this story on the front page of the SingTao Chinese newspaper last night.

The story is about a soldier who apparently was killed in Afghanistan. He lived in my neighborhood and was Chinese. What is noteworthy is that he had bruises on his back and had contacted his parents weeks before saying he was being bullied.

My mother already knows next week I will be taking a medical exam for the New York Polic Department. Although this job is not in front of computer which is welcoming for myself. It is not exactly my first choice being that I see most of them standing around waiting for something to happen (that will never happen) while costing the city money. For example I read somewhere that all the cops that are standing around chatting amongst themselves at the Occup Wall Street protests are costing the city 2 million dollars a day, causing Bloomberg to ask for an additional 2% of cuts across city agencies this year and 8% in 2012.

My mother says if I were ever to become a police officer I should be careful. “Don’t go looking for trouble Richard, if there is a crime pretend you didn’t see it. Just do what is minimally required of you and let it go. You can’t beat these people. They’ll kill you.” Not only was I disgusted by what was coming out of my mother’s mouth, I was somewhat in disbelief.  However this is typical of what comes out of most Asian people’s mouths….Just do your job and stay out of trouble….

She says also….”It’s a good thing your father talked you out of the military when you were in high school (referring to my Air Force Academy nomination), you wouldn’t have lasted.”

Well it’s a good thing she doesn’t read this blog….because when I am officially out of a job I am making it official policy today. I will be submitting applications to all five military services with a personalized letter to the big man himself (President Barack Obama)

Grover you better mail me some soap on the rope and plenty of lube because I’m angry and will not be bullied.


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One response to “Military Abuse of Asian People in the Military

  1. Grover Mannings

    It’s a travesty that members of the United States military bully each other based on race, ethnicity, creed, or sexual orientation. The military is supposed to work together in order to create “unit cohesion”; a phrase tossed around by many top ranking officers when referring to the combat effectiveness of troops. I sincerely hope this is an isolated incident and not a widespread problem. If that Asian was supposed to be covering his bully during a firefight, do you really think he’d give a sh*t if a bullet clipped the guy that had been torturing him for weeks at base camp? Most likely yes, but also understandably no.

    Your mother’s comments are not made out of malice. Her true motivation is simple: I don’t want to have to identify my son’s dead body at Andrews Air Force Base or downtown at Precinct 35 after a battle with the local drug lord. Her recommendation to ignore crime is out of love for her child. Mothers and spouses of cops always worry when their son or husband is on the job. It would be an awful situation if their worries came to fruition.

    Good Luck with your letter to Obama. 🙂 It’s safe to say he has other things on his mind. If you are hell bent on joining the armed forces you might considered the New York National Guard. Yes, they only “practice” on weekends, but at least it offers some semblance of military service. NB: Joining the military WILL NOT necessarily get you laid.

    I’ve already got the soap and lube packaged in an undressed box. Don’t make me mail it to you 🙂

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