An Open Letter To Daryl Sladky

Dear Daryl:

I wanted to thank you for landing me the job in finance and then resigning to train for another job in Pennsylvania my first week there. Due to lack of funding and the bad economy I will be laid off in two weeks time. Certainly no one expected me to make it as far as I did.” Last week I was denied a congressional waiver to serve our country’s military. An appeal can only be overturned by the Secretary of Defense, the secretaries of the respective services, the joint chiefs, or President Obama himself.

You as well as many people probably have many questions and I compiled a list below:


1. Didn’t you make more money in this current job than you did on unemployment benefits? This is complicated. Although I did make almost three times more per week than on unemployment. The wages are taxed and unemployment benefits usually are not. Also I managed to spend money on expensive lunches with my finance coworkers, as a way of rewarding myseld and relieving stress. When all is accounted for, the monetary compensation would be equal. As for psychological stress I am traumitized.

2. You can go back on unemployment? No, since I was in Emergency benefits which was a week to week thing I forfeited that when I took this job. I did not make more than  1 1/2 times in my base period (last four calendar quarters) than  my highest quarter earnings (July 1st-Sep 31) My current unemployment does not qualify me for a new claim, unless I find a job immediately.

3. Had Daryl stayed and trained me would it been any different? Everyone whom Daryl stayed and trained are actually not being released.

Most people would agree that you provided me a starting point however I should say there is no continuation point.

I hope you have fun jetsetting the world to cities like Paris, Rio de Janiero and Vancouver banging hot AZN girls with those abs of steel which were only illustrative as evidenced by the Abercrombie and Fitch shopping bag you had on your desk at work. I’ll be having veggie bologna sandwiches.



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2 responses to “An Open Letter To Daryl Sladky

  1. zed

    Daryl was an idiot, if he had stayed, he most certainly would have been let go as well. Don’t blame him, blame yourself for taking a job you were nowhere near qualified for.

    • I won’t blame Daryl, if I sent this letter to him he is going to get on the defensive and place the blame on me. If I didn’t take the job he would of blamed me for passing on a potentially great opportunity. I did take the job but was let go; he can still blame me. He’ll spin the truth so that he is free from fault.

      Nevertheless I think most would agree he would not have been released. He held the most important account in the company and everyone who was tied to the account stayed.

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