Dick to Be Laid Off For An Unprecedented Third Time

At 10:58 am this morning one of the executives pulled me into his office to tell me that in today’s mandatory meeting at 11:00 am they are announcing massive layoffs because due to the current state of the market they have had trouble securing additional venture capital funding. As required in my contract they are giving me two weeks notice and that he said that he would like to rescind my letter of notice he will be giving me however I should have a plan B.

The executive said he would make phone calls with his contacts to see if he could find me work elsewhere because he really liked me. And then asked what sector of technology and finance I worked in before. I said I didn’t work in any of those sectors and that I did demography before this. He asked “How the heck did you get a job here because I certainly didn’t interview you?” And I said through one of the former employees. He was flabergasted and surprised.


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