Another Fight With Black People Part #1

Many of my former readers remember a scene from five years ago where I singlehandedly tried to fight five black people on a NYC subway who tried to steal a woman’s purse and iPod. The problem with these fights is there is always at least one person whose way bigger way badder than you.

I returned about 3am from a fundraiser  and walked to the local bodega on Madison Street to purchase a vanilla coke. On my way in two black teenagers (or in their early twenties) were standing by the potato chips aisle  and freezer asked me to give them a pound (a handshake with a fist) Looking harmless I give them a pound. I opened the fridge, grabbed a vanilla coke and put it on the counter. And that is when I feel someone standing next to me. I turn my head and there is a thug about 5’10 who looks down at me. I asked him if he had a problem because I was just paying for the soda. He yelled that I should just pay for my soda and then proceeds to yell at the cashier for his sandwich.

When I exited the bodega, one of the guys who asked for a pound is trying to break up an argument between his friends and an older man and woman couple. I didn’t make much of it but as I cross the street, the next thing I notice is a half eaten sandwich thrown across the street but missing me. I turn around and walk patiently across the street and ask if anyone threw the sandwich. At which point the guy breaking up the scuffle tells me just to leave them alone.

As I make my second trip across the street I see a Diet Coke also go across the street at which point I storm back across the street and demand to know who is throwing stuff at me. The same thug who is staring me down across the street proceeds to follow alongside me yelling in my face while I just keep on walking back across the street. Suddenly out of nowhere I am struck on the right side which stuns me and then another punch also lands on the left cheekbone. He starts walking away and I look back at him and he yells “What are you going to do? Call the cops.” His friend returning across the street starts apologizing.

I didn’t feel any pain, but I had lost my glasses and realized that I couldn’t find them because it was so dark and  my uncorrected eyesight has  deteriorated over the years. By luck I actually found them again to the nearby vicinity where I had been punched.

When I returned home the adrenaline wore off but I didn’t feel any pain unless I pressed down on my left cheekbone or the back of my right ear. I tried to put my head down and go to sleep but I couldn’t so I took a walk back outside to see if these guys were still at the bodega…they were not.

Notice the title of this entry….Another fight with black people part #1….because if I ever see this group there will be a part #2 and I promise my readers either him or I will be seriously injured.


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  1. Grover Mannings

    These incidents with street thugs bullying others are always tough to navigate. You could have just ignored the flying sandwich and kept walking away, but that makes you look wimpy and passive. Instead, you took a stand and told them to cut the shit, which is totally acceptable in such a situation. Sadly, the youth felt you must have disrespected him because he starting yelling and ultimately assaulted you.

    The yeller/puncher guy obviously belongs in juvy or jail: it’s clear he can’t control himself in public and act respectively towards others. Throwing food at people is what babies do when they’re strapped into their highchairs and want to get attention. Carrying on and punching someone is what assholes do because they want to feel like they’re the tough guy.

    Fuck him.

    It would have been a different story if you had a gun. If you capped his ass after getting clipped in the face, he probably would have learned his lesson; and you would have a clear cut case of self defense with a bruised ear from his other blow.

    Sadly, the only way these types of people learn lessons is when they mess with the wrong person whose bigger, stronger, and/or more armed than they are.

    They say what goes around comes around. Whether or not you see these guys again is unpredictable. Instead, my guess is this jerk tries the same shit with someone who is not as tolerant as you are and gets his ass kicked. Or, better yet, he’ll need an ambulance because he’s got a 6 inch gash across his chest from his victim’s switchblade.

    To be absolutely clear this is a problem that cuts across all races, ethnic groups, and creeds. If you were in rural Ohio it would have been 3 or 4 white farm boys stirring up trouble. If you were in Miami, it would have been a couple Hispanics looking for some cheap street credit.

    My guess is the next place you’ll see this guy is one of the following: 1) In the police blotter and taken to Jail, or 2) Bagging your groceries at the Pathmark near your apartment building. Believe me, these people almost never change and usually end up on the public dole for the rest of their lives.

    America may be the home of the free, but it’s also the home of the stupid.

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