A Blessing In Disguise

The Blessing In Disguise

Tonight I had dinner with an old coworker of mine when I was a city contractor. I was actually the only person in the history as a contractor who was never hired full-time, part-time in that department or another city job. After two years eventually my term expired and although I had given four weeks notice, they fired me after two. This was in 2008 during the worst financial crisis since the Depression and I spent months wondering how or what the f**k I was going to do.

But then that February I got a temporary job as a field supervisor and eventually I would become the right hand man of the top manager for the New York county during the 2010 Census. If you’re wondering why the borough of Manhattan was never mentioned in Bloomberg’s census dispute you don’t have to….I was in charge of it.
Had I never been let go as a city contractor I would of never worked at the Bureau of the Census.

My friend was let go during budget cuts from the a unionized city job and although he makes six figures from part ownership in one of Manhattan’s top dive bars, he wants a day job with health insurance and to be more busy.

My advice to him and others is to see his layoff as a blessing is disguise. I look back at several people there who still work where I left three years ago:
* one guy is a project manager who makes less than $48K a year after being there for over 12 years.
* another black woman always says she is there until her rap career takes off she has been there for seven years

The days will be weeks, weeks will become months and before you know it the months become years. And you wonder where all that time went? Sometimes (many times) a stable unionized job makes people comfortable, live in medocrity and live a life of denial. The thought of “Hey my life ain’t that bad…” and it is this attitude that keeps us from reaching our full potential. My advice is for anyone who doesn’t enjoy their job is to shut up stop complaning and do something about it. And those who are laid off, fired to see it as a blessing in disguise. The opportunity to do something different. Which is why the other day when a recruiter came looking for me to get back into computer cartography and I declined because the job is a two hour commute by public transporation. I suggested my friend interview because he needs the job more than I do, he’s more qualified and although it’s a four month temporary job with the possibility of being permanent. It is something different.


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