The Day After Rejection

Today was the day after rejection from the Navy. I am in some denial thinking someone will call me back and said that there was a mistake. After all my congressman’s office wrote the Congressional Inquiries branch of the Navy.

I told my coworker and this person said that is actually a blessing. When I am in military I work where they need me. I talked briefly about my desire to travel, help others in third would countries. And he said If I want to travel I should work a job that pays me enough to travel. If I want to help others I should work for the Red Cross.

He says I should be satisfied with this job and work hard. However in the last few years what I have been doing is what others think is right for me. For example when I was kicked out of college Grover and many others said I should return to that college. I should of never returned. But I did return, got on the dean’s honors list, finish my degree requirements and all for what? I never had a job which used any of the skills I learned in college and my employer never cared or required I had one.

Last semester I took programming and accounting because someone told me I have no technical job skills which means I am unemployable. They may be right about the latter (unemployable) but the reason technical jobs pay so much $$$ is based on the law of supply and demand. The number of people who are willing and able to do the job (supply) is small. Everyone is willing to do a job except when they find out it is very difficult and requires long hours. Then factor into it that technical jobs require people to have the most. inconspicuous knowledge of programming languages, applications and hardware.  Next the demand for these jobs is very high. But what really matters in the end is if I want the job. I don’t want a technical job that pays a lot of money.

I know someone will say that one day I’m going to end up poor but up until now I’ve been doing what others think is right for me. A programmer with ten years will think a technical job is right for me. And a city employee will think a city job is right for me. But only I know what is right for me.

The question that remains for me as my congressman’s staff assistant said.  She will only act as an intermediary but won’t offer advice. She would followup with any military services I apply to be make sure my application is seen in a timely manner and is treated fairly. She wants to know what my decision is? I have seriously contemplated taking my letter posted on the homepage of this website to the president and making one last shot at all five military services all requiring age waivers. What I do know is I am disenfranchised with technology, finance and beautiful New York women.


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One response to “The Day After Rejection

  1. Grover Mannings

    You seem to be caught between a desire to be rich and a desire to have a structured life; one where your day to day business is dictated by someone in an authority position. Unfortunately, the road to riches is not found in the military and its highly disciplined environment. This is in contrast to getting rich on your own which requires the ability to rapidly adapt to change, plan your own days, develop leadership skills, and create opportunities for yourself. Most of all it requires drive and perseverance.

    The happy medium, of course, is what you lament in your post: a day job that requires a college diploma, pays generously, and allows you plenty of social time. With national unemployment just over 9%, the competition for this type of work is fierce. Remember, you might be going up against someone in their 40s with ten years of management experience who got laid off from another company. They’re willing to take an entry level job because they need to feed their family; and the fact that they are over-qualified means the hiring company gets more bang for its buck. You, on the other hand, are just starting out in the work world.

    Life is about trade offs. We only get 24 hours a day. How do you want to spend those hours?

    If you feel like the past few years have been spent aimlessly with little direction, it sounds like you need to work for a military style company or group that orders you around all day. You don’t think for yourself, you simply react to demands and execute tasks. Your personal identity is unimportant in such organizations where the goal is to act as a finely tuned collective; opposed to an environment that fosters new ideas, contrarian view points, and innovation which might be found in a technology or finance firm.

    Pick one or the other: you run your own life, or someone runs it for you. Once you’ve made that decision, I think your search for employment will become a little easier.

    Remember, we all know the names Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They both co-founded Google after attending Stanford. We don’t know, however, which Navy SEAL shot Osama bin Laden. All 99.99999% of the world knows is that it was one of 25 guys in “SEAL Team Six”. The point is you are one by yourself or one of many. Choose one or the other.

    Good Luck,

    Grover Mannings

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