Rejected From Navy, The Prophecy Coming True

Since I have not received a phone call from anyone and I check my Navy recruiter’s blog periodically. He posted an entry at 5:30pm on Sunday announcing the results of the August 2011, naval officer board. In my recruiter’s newest entry he writes:

I think I’ve kept in touch with everyone that was important while I was away (Including Spenser and Devine who were picked up for Pilot, Congrats) From this line we can infer two things. 1. Obviously I am not Spenser or Devine, so I can put two and two together and say for certainty I was rejected. 2. I’m not important.

I never thought that a psychic would be right after all don’t I have control over my own life?

As my coworker would say “You can’t get fired. No one wants your job. People would rather quit their job than to help you.” I’ll be going to work Monday wondering once again how a psychic said on my 26 birthday, five years ago how I would never get into the military, work in finance, meet someone whose 5’8 brunette who I would eventually marry. And wonder how I can once again thwart my destiny and get out of this downward spiral into oblivion.

So break out your earth tones, and corduroy blazers ….. the fall season is underway…..


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