Navy Board Results Released And The Cast of the Autumn Season of

This afternoon the Navy released the results of their only officer board of the 2012 fiscal year. Some people received their decisions…Dick is still awaiting on his. As Dick promised though the season premiere with new cast members

RENALDO Gochnauer One of the guys who is featured in Neil Strauss’ book…The_Game:_Penetrating_the_Secret_Society_of_Pickup_Artists RENALDO picks up a girl almost everyday. He is the guy who breaks out the deck of cards and shows magic tricks, and pushes the right buttons.

GAYLORD Kubesh: There are many fetishes the most common being the white man who have yellow fever and like AZN girls. However GAYLORD is a black guy who only likes white girls.

COLTON Dornellas (aka Mr. Calvin Klein underwear model, Mr. Chippendale) One of Dick’s acquaintances who looks like a male model (god I sound so gay).  Every girl I’m with thinks he’s the best looking guy they have ever seen. I concur.

plus returning cast members Felton Donning and new guest appearances by random women Dick will meet. It’s the fall season, break out your earth tones and corduroy blazers and jeans. New season, new cast same old drama.

Will Dick get into the military? Will Dick manage to succeed at his job? Will he finally get laid?


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One response to “Navy Board Results Released And The Cast of the Autumn Season of

  1. Grover Mannings

    I can’t wait for the fall season. DickWatch2 is better than Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor” 🙂

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