People To Camp Out Near Dick’s Workplace

While I wait our government bureaucracy to approve an age waiver the likes of the military has never seen. I hope to go to work on Monday morning and see these people camped out.



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One response to “People To Camp Out Near Dick’s Workplace

  1. Grover Mannings

    Protesting Wall Street bankers by taking an inordinate amount of time off from work and sleeping near the NYSE is probably NOT going to send any sort of message to the crooks inside.

    When the bell rings at 4:00 PM, they’ll all just walk out of the stock exchange to their gas guzzling, over polluting limos and run over any protesters in their way as they cruise out to the Long Island expressway to get to the Hamptons in time for Donald Trump’s BBQ.

    The fact is, when this protest is over, Wall Street will still have these people by the short hairs: they’ll be out of money and broke, and will have to beg their way back to work for guess who, yes, the very same blue chip companies they are protesting.

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if these protesters enjoy McDonald’s food, Starbucks Coffee, or Walmart camping supplies while exchanging text messages on their AT&T mobile phones and use IBM laptops with Motorola wireless technology.

    If you really want to hurt these guys, find ways to decrease their paycheck.

    Instead of having a sit-in on Wall Street, simply withdraw all your money from you Bank of America, HSBC, or UBS accounts. Stop shopping at Walmart. Throw away Microsoft products. Eat locally grown food for dinner instead of farmed food from God knows where grown from Monsanto seeds. Give up shaving and put Proctor and Gamble on the skids.

    I’m serious, that’s the only protest that will work.

    NB: I also posted this at the site Dick quotes.

    In other news for Dick:

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