Dick Goes to The Russian/Israeli Club

Another storyline that sounds like another Curious George book…What happens when you take an Asian guy and put him in a Brighton beach club with Israelis and/or Russians. You get another weekend that could only be a classic Dickwatch entry.

One of my friends is on a facebook page and gets invited to Israeli parties…and this Labor Day weekend he wanted to check an Israeli club off the F line in Brighton Beach. On my way out of the club….my guy friend comes walking out and says to me the girl he was talking to wants to tell me something. So he ushered me back in and she asked me where I was going. I said that I was leaving with my Israeli friend …

She says “Look all the horny p*ssy is over here….Your Israeli friend will take you to a place you can’t afford.” Well I left anyways..

We went to a Russian club, called Downhouse in Brighton Beach where everyone wears white, and the guys look like they’re out of the Ultimate Fighter heavyweight division, with very scantily clad Russian women who could of easily been porn stars.

My Israeli friend who is usually great at speaking with women…..says I am the most amazing person he has ever seen with women. On two occasions he was with me two women have thrown themselves at me. Last weekend I was on the R train out to Astoria to go to a picnic with Felton and his girlfriend and some women insisted that she give me her number.

Remember “all the horny p*ssy is at Monaco, the nightclub we went to….”

And so was our Labor Day weekend.


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One response to “Dick Goes to The Russian/Israeli Club

  1. Grover Mannings

    Are you waiting for a written invitation? Why not have casual sex and get it over with? You know you wanted to…

    Don’t complain about being a virgin and then turn down potential sexual encounters with attractive women.

    The only exception would be if you didn’t have protection with you or if you think the girl might be a drug addict, psycho, or carrier of an STD. Then it’s a better idea to pass.

    Otherwise leap in, the water is warm. 🙂

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