My Guy Friend Raped Me And I Date Him

One of my friends recently at the gym raised a very interesting scenario. He met a girl at a bar and started dating her. This girl explains to him that she was raped by one of her friends and actually then started dating him. He says he wish he was a psychologist or therapist because he wanted to know what a therapist would say about this.

First of all there is no doubt that this girl is psycho….that or she can’t draw the fine line between rape and consensual sex. Rape according to Webster’s dictionary…

Women may say looks and money don’t matter but I think they matter the most to women. However it’s not the same “lo0ks” guys. The looks guys are into are body and face. The looks that matter to women are race and height…once you meet that requirement then you’ve met the lo0ks criteria. Then there is the money…Not everyone is looking for a millionaire but they’re looking for someone who can uphold the standard of living they want or are accustomed to.

I advised this guy to not sleep with her….he is under no circumstances to “stick it in”, “hide the sausage”, “hit it and quit it”….because if he does then she will develop an emotional attachment and be his worst enemy. At first look it may seem idiotic that I am advising him to deprieve himself of sex


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  1. Grover Mannings

    He shouldn’t date her, period. Anyone who starts a relationship announcing that they were raped (under some circumstances understandable) AND then they started dating their rapist (definitely NOT understandable and WTF) is in desperate need of a therapist.

    Better to break it off now rather than later. The guy will start looking elsewhere if he can’t or won’t have sex with her. That’s like asking someone to stop jerking off because they’re “sinning”. Believe, there are billions of sinners on this earth 🙂

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